The ‘Year of the Black Rabbit’ was brilliant… the first moments of the New Year

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The first start of the new year 2023, how did everyone spend it?

Early this morning, in Bosingak, Seoul, a New Year’s Eve bell ringing event was held with citizens taking part for the first time in three years.

The first moments of the new year.

Reporter Jaemin Koh will tell you.

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A New Year’s Eve bell rings to announce the start of the new year.

As the face-to-face ringing event, which had been suspended due to COVID-19, resumed after three years, Bosingak was visited by tens of thousands of citizens.


“I couldn’t enjoy such a big event because of Corona, but today, after 3 years, I’m here to have a more fun and better year in 2023.”

Last year, which was exciting, citizens hoped for a safer year.


“At 23, there won’t be such big accidents, and I hope that all the individual wishes will come true…”


At the same time, fireworks were held to celebrate the new year at Lotte Tower in Jamsil, Seoul, and the first children of the new year were born at that time.

At 3.8 kg, she was born healthy, Bok-dong’s daughter.

A father’s only wish is for the health of his child.

[김정섭/복동이(태명) 아버지]

“I feel like I’m going to die of happiness. I can’t think about anything else, I want to grow up healthy.”

Right next to the same time, fraternal twins, Jjangsuni and Jjangjjangi, were born.

The father, who could not come to the hospital because of corona, cried while watching the children, even through video calls.


Traders who had a tough year due to steeply rising prices and difficult economic conditions welcomed the New Year in their shops today.


“My wish for the new year is that there are people who are healthy and doing business well, that’s my hope.


At Seoul Station, the first KTX train with New Year’s wishes headed for the East Sea.


“It’s our 52nd wedding anniversary. So, in commemoration, I’m going to borrow health and bid for the sunrise.”

The Year of the Black Rabbit, which symbolizes development and happiness, has dawned in 2023, the Year of the Cat.

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