The young engineer spent 2.4 million to buy 3 sex dolls before answering honestly. This makes it more satisfying.

A young engineer reviews the experience of using rubber dolls after buying 3 before giving a clear answer. to the surprise of medical professionals

Many people may not know. but in Taiwan cheapest rubber doll It costs more than 150,000 Taiwan dollars (about 173,000 baht), but a young engineer in Kaohsiung, 30, bought three rubber dolls at once.

When asked how he felt about sex dolls, he answered honestly, “After a few uses, all ten (both hands) felt the most comfortable.”

The young engineer said he bought three sex dolls to take home with him He admits it’s hard to find the perfect proportions of sex dolls in the real world, and he’s in his 30s and busy with his work. so he had his own idea that Buy sex dolls to use to prevent sensuality not to cause trouble to society Not to worry about illness

He also shared his own experience. “After bringing it home It feels like a real person has come with it, but after using it a few times, I don’t use it anymore. but he will love you even more, just touch, hug, or stroke your head while you sleep.”

Such an answer made journalists very suspicious. and continued to ask: “Now that you have 3 sex dolls, will you still date real people?” and the young engineer made it clear that he still wanted to date real people.

When asked if he felt the difference between sex dolls and real people? The young engineer said honestly, “Actually, after buying a rubber doll and using it a few times, You can continue to use your hands as before.”

Dr. Zhang Meiyu, a female urologist, made such an answer. Curious as to why, he said, “Friendship! Because the sex doll I bought was a lolly type. that are beautiful and lovely Seeing them healed me and made me feel like I had a friend. And falling in love with a sex doll makes it less of a burden.”

Dr. Zhang Meiyu, although very surprised by such an answer But she suggests that there should be a transition period for using sex dolls. And he can try to return to the right path of interpersonal communication.

But she also emphasized that gender equality should not be limited to women’s bodies only. for rubber dolls Sex dolls for males should also be developed. Because it is seen that the sexual desires of both sexes should be taken seriously.

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