The young man’s family was vaccinated for 2 hours and died. Invite the spirits in the bank – go ahead and seek healing

The young man’s family was vaccinated for 2 hours and died. Performing a ceremony to invite spirits in the bank, move forward to the Sor. Nonthaburi, make a claim for healing money under section 41

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case Mr. Montree (last name reserved) Aged 38, a delivery driver at a private company in Bang Yai district died in the middle of a bank at 4 p.m. on Jan. 26, after returning from a Pfizer vaccination. at Bang Sue Central Station for about 2 hours, causing the relatives to suspect that the death was caused by a side effect of the vaccine. Because after the vaccination came back to his hometown, chest tightness that he had to take paracetamol to help relieve

Before going out to withdraw money at the bank to prepare to buy things to come back to organize a birthday party for the youngest son. But in the end, the deceased collapsed unconscious in front of the bank counter.

The latest progress at 8:00 am on December 27, 65 relatives and families of the deceased. Two monks were invited to perform a ritual inviting the souls of the deceased at the bank counter where the deceased fell. Before the bank staff came to help pump the heart and take it to the hospital. After that, the family will travel to collect the deceased’s body at forensic science institute Thammasat Hospital to bring the body back to perform a religious ceremony at Wat Sakae Bang Yai

At the same time, at 09.30 on 27 Dec. Mrs. Pailin (last name reserved) The deceased’s wife and relatives Bring evidence of death to travel to the Nonthaburi Provincial Police Station to submit a claim for compensation for the deceased affected by vaccination.

by Dr. Rungruethai Mualprasitporn, MD. Nonthaburi provincial public health doctor revealed that he knew about the death after receiving the vaccine. At this time, we have coordinated with relatives to bring evidence to submit the matter to the Nonthaburi Provincial Office for further details.

after this way PSU, Nonthaburi will have to wait for the results of the autopsy to determine the cause of death. If it is a side effect from the real vaccine, the Nonthaburi Provincial Electricity Authority is ready to continue to treat the families of the deceased under section 41.



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