The youngest lottery winner in British history passed away 7 years after winning the prize

The youngest lottery winner in British history died seven years after winning the prize. (Photo/Retrieved from the Mirror)

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Callum Fitzpatrick, a man living in Northern Ireland, UK, became the winner of the lottery first prize of £390,000 (about 15.28 million NT dollars) at the age of 16 in 2014, which also made him the UK The youngest lotto head owner in history. And after 7 years, news of his death suddenly spread.

According to a report by The Sun, Callum, who was 16 at the time, had been working in his parents’ grocery store before winning the prize. His kind personality also allowed him to get along well with his neighbors. After he won the prize, because he was underage at the time, he simply bought a champagne as a cracker and drank his own juice to celebrate.

After winning the award, Callum still maintained his usual life, only at the age of 17 he bought a new car to travel, used to chase Manchester United’s Old Trafford football team (Old Trafford) every game. And love football, he also joined the local amateur football team Bally Martin (Ballymartin GAC).

However, the Berry Martin football team suddenly posted on the official fan page on the 3rd, stating that the team member Callum died suddenly at the age of 23. The team praised Callum as a “great and smart young man” in the statement and was shocked by the news of his death, but the report did not reveal the cause of Callum’s death.



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