‘The youngest son of a conglomerate family’ Song Joong-ki against Sunyang war, ‘dream degrees’ reaches 20%

The war between Song Joong-ki and the Sunyang family, the youngest son of a chaebol family, has intensified. The audience rating was higher than 21.8%, showing its scary potential.

The 8th episode of JTBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate’, which aired on the 4th, surpassed its own best of 19.4% nationwide and 21.8% in the metropolitan area, and rose to no. 1 on all channels. It also recorded 9.3% in the target audience rating of 2049, breaking its own daily record and remaining in first place across all channels. (Nielsen Korea, based on employed households) It surpassed ENA channel’s Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Strange Lawyer Woo Young-woo’ (17.534%, national standard), which was featured with the highest viewership rating this year.

On this day, with the withdrawal of the principle of succession by the elders, a fiercer war of succession took place. Lee Seong-min (Jin Yang-cheol), who confirmed the ability of Song Joong-ki (Jin Do-jun) through the Digital Media City project, made a decision for the Sunyang Group. The three siblings, who learned that the change what happened in “Song Joong-ki” was because of Song Joong-ki, he began to be wary of Song Joong-ki in their own ways. So, Song Joong-ki, who first made a plan to destroy Kim Sin-rok ( Jin Hwa-young), exploding curiosity in the intensifying game.

The marriage of Kim Nam-hee (Jin Seong-jun) and Park Ji-hyeon (Mo Hyun-min), which proceeded by leaps and bounds, seemed to have settled the structure of Sun-yang’s succession to Kim Nam-hee. For Song Joong-ki’s goal of buying Sunyang to come true, the Digital Media City project must be revived. He made an unexpected development. The person Song Joong-ki visited was Lee Byung-joon (Joo Young-il), the head of Daeyoung Group. Daeyoung Logistics advised him to take over the home shopping channel as a way to beat Sunyang. His story was that if he got ahead of the growing home shopping market in an age of buying what he wanted rather than what he needed, he would be able to reclaim the top spot in the industry. logistics. Lee Byung-jun accepted this and even promised to move to Digital Media City.

Right after the wedding ceremony, Lee Seong-min and Kim Nam-hee were shocked to hear about this. But there was another time. At the point where everyone at the reception that followed was expecting Kim Nam-hee’s coronation, Lee Sung-min declared, “Until today, there is no principle of eldest son succession in our Sunyang.” It was a choice to find a successor who would raise Sunyang, his most beloved child.

As everyone gets a fair chance, the relationships that the three siblings Yoon Je-moon (Jin Young-ki), Jo Han-cheol (Jin Dong-gi), and Kim Shin-rok had also changed. Most notable among them was the creation of Sunyang Distribution Group, which was separated from Sunyang Department Store, which was owned by Kim Shin-rok. However, Kim Shin-rok was not very pleased with the huge debts of each affiliate. He speculated that the reason why the eldest son succession principle disappeared was because of Song Joong-ki. Because of this, I tried to settle ranks with Song Joong-ki by insulting Jung Hye-young (Lee Hae-in). However, this became a trigger for anger.

Song Joong-ki’s venture company called ‘New Data Technology’ was used to take revenge on Shin-rok Kim. This company, the most loved in the history of the stock market, was also a mythical creature of the dot-com bubble, most disastrously abandoned due to accounting fraud. Again, only Song Joong-ki was aware of this fact. He took advantage of Kim Shin-rok’s situation of lack of money to repay debts and gave a loan of 400 billion won to Park Hyuk-kwon (Oh Se-hyeon) with his share in Sunyang Department Store as collateral. Park Hyuk-kwon leaked information about New Data Technology in a conversation with Kim Shin-rok, and as Song Joong-ki predicted, Kim Shin-rok collected all the cash in the group and started investing in stocks.

At first, in accordance with Park Hyuk-kwon’s advice, he sold all his stocks after making a fourfold profit. However, stocks are reaching the upper limit every day, and Kim Shin-rok was at a loss for what to do with his burning greed and regret. Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki, who came to see him, pretended to be worried about him and hinted that the amount would rise further by announcing that there was an active force behind New Data Technology. In the end, Shin-rok Kim stole 140 billion won from the department store and jumped into risky investment again. Song Joong-ki’s cold face, which seemed to have anticipated this moment, foretold Kim Shin-rok’s impending downfall and made me curious about the story that would follow.

At the same time that Lee Seong-min withdrew the succession of the Jang family, Sunyangga and Song Joong-ki’s movements changed once again. As Song Joong-ki said, “We will show new faces that are completely different from what we have seen before. All brothers have had the opportunity to become the owners of the pure sheep, and there is too much money to maintain friendship.” making the family relationship a shadow. Attention is drawn to the fierce succession war as to who will be the sole one to occupy the Sunyang Group and stand on the pinnacle of desire.

‘chaebol’s youngest son’ is broadcast every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10:30pm.

Electronic Newspaper Internet Reporter Junsu Lee (junsoo@etnews.com)

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