The youngest! When O Ji Yul cutely revealed through the media that he has a girlfriend

Actors from the series The Glory continues to receive media attention, including the minor actors Oh Jiul At the age of 9, she recently revealed through an interview with the media that she has a boyfriend. It also tells the story of the heart in a cute and endearing way.

In an interview with OBS ENT As well as asking about acting in the series The Glory oh Oh Jiul Then there is one question that gets a lot of attention. When the media asked O Ji Yul if she had a boyfriend or not. And this little actress replied that she had a boyfriend.

Oh Jiul Tells about the beginning of her love that “We take classes after school in the same place. I have liked it since 1st grade. and always keep an eye on him and we live in the same flat So we walked home together after class. I gather my courage Ask him if he likes me. Then he told me, ‘Oh’, we liked each other, but we didn’t say anything. And then we started dating.”

The young actor also explained his love for his girlfriend. “He’s a nice guy, good at sports, learned taekwondo too.”

In addition, when asked what he would like to say to his girlfriend, Oh Jiul said “I hope we continue to be close like this.”

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This interview attracted attention around the same time as the dating news I’m Ji Yeon a Lee Do Hyun actor from the series The Glory The same as in the series I’m Ji Yeon a Oh Jiul take the role Yeon Jin Park a Hayesol Which is mother and son in the story, so the fans of the series tease the hearts of the actors, two mothers and children in the series who are both in love in real life.

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