Theatrical version of “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” releases a new 15-second TV commercial for the “Rukawa Kaede” version

The new theatrical version of “SLAM DUNK” “THE SLAM DUNK” officially premiered in Japan with 11 days to go. Following the release of the new 15 second TV commercial of the Mitsui Shou version, this time the back number is exactly the same. like the countdown.” 11 “Rukawa Kaede was created as the main character. In this 15 second commercial, you can see Rukawa Kaede’s fantastic slam dunk, and you can also see the moment when he competes for rebounds with a mysterious opponent, and then the sharp eyes he shows seem to convey his experience on the court Y important right now, and is that opponent Eiji Sawakita, the “No. 1 high school student in Japan” from Sanno Industry? “THE SLAM DUNK” will be released in Japan on December 3, interested readers may wish to pay more attention.

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