Theme park management simulation ‘Park Beyond’, PS5 bundle pre-order begins

Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea (CEO Gerald Noonan) announced that it will start selling pre-order packages for PlayStation 5 of the theme park management simulation ‘Park Beyond’ (Korean version) from June 7th.

Park Beyond is a new theme park management simulation game where you can create impossible rides and precise management of a theme park. Players can create and transform the theme park within the limits of their imagination, and create their own legend through a story mode where they encounter colorful characters, allies and enemies.

If you buy the first edition of the Park Beyond pack, you can receive the ‘PAC-MAN™ Impossible Set’ as a privilege. Perks that can be used in-game, including flat rides, shops, entertainment and cosmetic items. This feature is also available if you purchase the pre-download version.

An open beta test will also take place between June 7th and June 16th. If you participate in the open beta test, you can test Park Beyond in advance before release, as well as receive ‘Omica Gold’ as a privilege.

A collaboration with the platform for user-generated content is also planned. In August 2023, ‘’, a cross-platform user-generated content (UGC) sharing platform, will be provided to Park Beyond. is a cross-platform UGC solution that provides user-generated content for over 150 games that support PC and console, allowing players to share entire parks, buildings, and all kinds of other artifacts in directly from the game or on and can be downloaded.

With a new theme, 3 new entertainers, custom objects, and more than 50 landscape items available this August, you can make your park even more special. In September, two new coaster building modules will be added, and this fall, a challenge map for professional park managers will be introduced. Of course, free content is provided even during the year-end and New Year holidays. This allows players to see pirates docking in the park. In addition, unannounced content will be added so you can unleash your creativity and play for countless hours.

The Park Beyond pre-order package for PlayStation 5 starts on June 7, and will be released on June 16 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and STEAM. Detailed information about the game can be found on Bandai Namco Entertainment Korea’s official website and official blog.


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