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How was he singing on the tracks in which Davy was in charge? Was it hard to keep your compass?

Dolenz: It was intense. I had a minute or two depression. Sometimes he felt he had never left because we are listening to him singing on these songs. I hardly stopped at one point during the recording to compose myself.

Tork: I had no reservations. There was just something straight ahead "we are making this record". The most interesting thing for me is that it is pretty early, when he was singing high, Herman's singing style Hermit. Teenage feeling is eager by the singing of the song. But there was nothing fun about Davy's sessions.

In your estimate, what is the biggest contribution of the Monkey to American pop culture?

Tork: In those days, it was well known to the children – as we had thought of ourselves in those days – that the political hierarchy established by the compass was completely lost. He had no sense of the work she was doing, which was to look after the country. He had no sense if his children were, so we were left alone. Before Monkey, each television show had a senior adult with young adults or children. Sometimes it was a bowl; sometimes, it was a wise doctor or something like it was Father who Besidest or My Three Sons. There was no senior adult at the Monkees TV show. It is just us, except the landlord who was very small. The Monkees showed that we could take care of ourselves without having senior adult figures and being heartfelt. The show was revolutionary in that sense.

Dolenz: Timothy Leary wrote a book called Politics Ecstasy, which contained half a chapter under the Monkey. He argued that we brought the long kids into the living room. It's true. At the time, it was the only time you saw children who were wearing long-wearing clocks on TV when they were being caught for a reason or for another reason. So it was a great achievement to get this show on the air – a show about these four men who were masters of their destiny. It could not be expressed at the time that the networks on the air would even add it. However, the show got the air, and the children took us.


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