“Thep Thaksin”, a sharp weapon, defeated “Yod Kritsada” most satisfied with a bonus of 3.5 hundred thousand baht

Continue to impress boxing fans around the world for ONE Lumpinee 10 on Friday, March 24th. At the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium (Ramintra), throughout the battle of all 11 pairs, each of them showed their skills to the maximum without anyone giving up.

In the main event of the program, “Human Hin” Yodkritsada Sor Sommai, a strong boxer from Muang Ya Mo Korat, competes with “Thep Thaksin Sor Sornsing”, a right knee boxer from Krabi. In Muay Thai rules, Katweets (132 lbs.)

In the first round, each side drops their fists. After two matches, he still hasn’t changed, wrestling his elbows and exchanging fiercely with each other. Entering the fate, “Yod Kritsada” was defeated and had a bloody wound on his face. In the end, the end of the game, “Thep Thaksin”, who issued more weapons, won unanimously. Willing to receive a bonus of 350,000 baht from Big Boss “Chatree” to embrace

The secondary side of the program is a revenge fight between two old rivals, “Tapwaan” Paddsaen Lek, PK. Saenchai Muay Thai Gym. Fighting boxing, fighting, not retreating from Ubon Ratchathani, asked to wash the eyes of “Racha Knockout” Panrit, Luk Chao Mae Saiwaree. Muay left sharp weapons by Phatthalung in the rules of Muay Thai Bantamweight (135 – 145 lb.)

The match began as both sides wrestled each other immediately.” 800 Lek “punched a straight right, sending “Phanrit” down to an 8 count in the first round. In the second round, there was a change when “Phanrit” unleashed a powerful left punch, allowing “8 hundred thousand small” to drop to about 8 counts. The two of them exchange weapons non-stop. Finally, at the end of the game, “Phanrit” has more weapons on the target. The judges raised their hands to win the unanimous vote in a satisfactory manner.

While “Chorfa T. Sangthiannoi”, a strong knee boxer from Buriram, 30 years old, wants to fight for a chance to win in UN for the first time, meeting “Chairsod Kabutov”, a stylish Kyrgyz fighter in the place In Katz’s Muay Thai weight rules (136.6 lbs.)

After looking at each other in the first round, “Kubatov” relies on agility, heavy offensive, releases weapons to cause problems and gives many flowers to “Chorfa” before the Thai fighter fights, squeezes, goes chasing, scoring, completing 3 rounds,” Chorfa ” crushes won by unanimous vote Haichai, born first in ONE, achieved his intentions

Continuous giveaway, 4 fighters with great form receive a bonus of 3.5 hundred thousand baht each.

ONE Lumpini 10 is ready to support good fighters who continuously unleash weapons without vests on the stage. This week, giving a special bonus of a total of 1,400,000 baht, as well as “Thep Thaksin” who showed his ferocity to win in the main pair, grabbed 350,000 baht to go to sleep and hug. for the first time in this tournament and took home the money immediately.

Summary of all games in ONE Lumpinee 10

Main event: Thepthaksin Sor Sornsing won by unanimous decision Yodkrisada Sor Sommai (Muay Thai Katzweight 132 Por.)
Second pair: Phanrit, son of Chao Mae Saiwaree Won unanimous points Paddsanlek PK.Saenchaimuaythaigympanrit Lukjaomaesaiwaree (Muay Thai Bantamweight 135 – 145 Por.)
Rak Erawan wins by TKO Chusap Sor Sacrifice at 1:12 minutes of the first round (Muay Thai Katzweight 116 Por.)
Teeyai PK.Saenchai Muay Thai Gym Wins by unanimous decision Manolis Kallistis (Muay Thai, strawweight version 115 – 125 Por.)
Superlek Jitmuangnon Won by unanimous decision Sonrak Sit PorJor. (Muay Thai featherweight 125 – 135 Por.)
Thongpoon PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym Wins by Knockout Tomorrow Kiatsongrit at 0:24 of the first round (Muay Thai Katzweight 118 Por.)
Chorfa T. Sangthiannoi Won by unanimous decision Cher Sod Kabutov (Muay Thai Katzweight 136.6 P.)
Yod IQ PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym Wins by TKO Samuel Belen at 0:38 of round two (Muay Thai Bantamweight 135 – 145 Por.)
Ivan Parzikov defeats Yu Carino by Submission at 0:50 of the first round (MMA Bantamweight 135 – 145 P.)
Anton Petrov defeats Luca Lambardo by TKO at 2:23 minutes of round 1 (Muay Thai Katzweight 160p.)
Shingo Shibata won by unanimous decision Petklangna Sit-Phuea Niran (Muay Thai Bantamweight 135 – 145 Por.)


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