There are also “vaccines” before going abroad You have to get all of them, not just the coronavirus vaccine.

National Vaccine Institute Recommended before travel abroad must be accepted “vaccine” necessary to complete before This will reduce the risk of infection. an epidemic or endemic disease And reduce the risk of bringing back foreign infections. Importantly, it is required to comply with the rules of some countries “vaccine” before entering the country, for example vaccine for covid Currently, it is another type of vaccine that many countries require travelers entering the country to have a history of receiving. “vaccine” before, with each country’s requirements being different.

for 3 groups “vaccine” that passengers traveling abroad should receive:

1. Vaccines that should be given to everyone (Usually Recommended Vaccine) namely “vaccine” According to the Ministry of Public Health’s Immunization Plan and general adult vaccination recommendations include tuberculosis vaccine (BCG), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP), hepatitis B vaccine (HB), combined measles-mumps vaccine- rubella (MMR), polio vaccine (OPV, IPV) and JE (JE) encephalitis vaccine.

2. Recommended Pre-Travel Vaccines Choose according to your risk (Usual Vaccine Recommended for Travelers). depending on each passenger’s risk The doctor will advise and consider factors such as the passenger’s health condition. risk of exposure to efficiency disease “vaccine” Indications/Contraindications side effects of “vaccine” For example, vaccines in this group, such as the cholera vaccine. flu vaccine Hepatitis A vaccine pneumococcal vaccine pneumococcal Rabies vaccine typhoid fever vaccine

3. Vaccines required before entering certain countries (Normal/Compulsory Vaccine) who require an injection according to international health rules “Yellow Fever Vaccine” and “Meningococcal Vaccine” before entering certain countries for 2 reasons:

1) Prevent people who need to travel in areas prone to yellow fever infection.

2) Prevent yellow fever from spreading from high risk areas to other countries.

Travelers should consult a doctor at least 4-6 weeks before traveling abroad. and they should check the admission requirements “vaccine” from the destination country

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