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There are bugs reported in fMRI research, what does the research really say? -PanSci

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Take out the last Andrew egg tart, put it in the oven, and turn it for ninety seconds.

Then open the refrigerator, pour yourself a large glass of Coca-Cola, and add a large spoonful of ice cubes. There are still eight large boxes of Coca-Cola in the warehouse. I probably won’t have a chance to finish it. Give them all to the earth. The Blue Planet has worked so hard to take care of mankind for so many years, but in hope of retribution, it used the greatest invention in human history as a gift.

Pour another cup. The earth is not so thirsty so easily and can’t drink so much.

When I get there, I must ask the records department for a certificate of “the person who has had the last glass of Coca-Cola”.


Andrew’s egg tart is really delicious on earth. Before the mall closed, I asked Momo to buy two boxes for me. I was really farsighted. Although everyone said, why make it like the end of the world, what do you want there, are you afraid that you won’t be able to eat it? It’s not the same. After going there, I won’t have this feeling of greedy and slightly hungry again. The kind of appetite that is a little hungry, but not too hungry, just to eat an egg tart, is the happiest state of “eating.”

Not to mention Coca-Cola, there is none over there.

Ironically, people who know the key formula are very stubborn and won’t listen to any advice. The commander-in-chief flew to Atlanta to give a briefing and told them that they had all the resources there, and they didn’t need any money. They are very insistent that there are transactions where there are people. If there is no planned currency there, Coca-Cola will be the unit of circulation in the future. So I can count, but I forgot to put the eggs in different baskets. The private jet carrying the three people hadn’t arrived in Macau and fell into the Pacific with a plop.

This accident became the headline event over there without any surprise. The President of the United States made a special cross-border call to come here, expressing his condolences in a choked voice, and told the commander-in-chief that this matter is related to the well-being of all mankind. Even if the entire Atlanta is turned over, he must find the paper with the formula.

Of course, nothing was found. The paper is the most exaggerated in the world of Coca-Cola. There is only one line on it: “Such simple words, you don’t need to write them down.” I heard that the leader of the decryption team burst into tears when he saw that sentence. The video footage of the decryption team is stored in a memory card, buried deep in the warehouse, coexisting and dying with other Coca-Cola, and will not go there.

The commander in chief said: “Just treat it as nothing, don’t make the people over there unhappy. Anyway, everyone will soon forget to care about it. Life over there is very comfortable, and Coke is not that important.” OK, he Have the final say. The commander and I are thinking about the same thing, the sooner the plan is completed, the sooner we will go over there.

The commander-in-chief and I are both the third generation of the relocation command headquarters. We grew up together in Venetian together.

No one expected that in response to the comet’s collision with the earth, they planned to secretly send a thousand people there. In the end, although the comet did not come, the plan was accidentally exposed, and the plan had to be expanded to 10 million people and then commanded the headquarters. Unable to resist the international public opinion pressure of “nothing less,” under the strong leadership of the UN Security Council, it was decided to gradually move the world there. The first-generation commander spent four full years on hardware expansion and a ten-year migration plan.

“As long as there are 1,500 transfer points set up in the world, and each point performs 20 batch transfers a day, each transfer of 100 people can transfer 1 billion people a year. Natural deaths during the deduction period It’s estimated that the whole world will be there in six to ten years.”

I really don’t know where the confidence of the first generation chief engineer came from, and gave such a naive calculation.

At the time when the large contacts in London, Madrid, and Mumbai were hacked in turn, I was not born yet. My mother told me that the whole world came to the headquarters in Macau at that time, and the sight from the 36th floor would never be forgotten. Thousands of heads were squeezed, and as a little girl, he even worried that the entire Cotai city would be stepped back below the sea level. At the strong request of the UN Secretary-General, the first-generation commander-in-chief decided to close all unsafe external contacts. If you want to go there, you can only go through the Macau headquarters.

Eight billion people is not a small number. Even if the natural deaths and the unnatural deaths are deducted, the equipment at the Macau headquarters alone will take 50 years to complete the delivery operations at the fastest. In order to prevent the core technology from being used by interested people, from the commander-in-chief to the front-end operators like me, it suddenly became a hereditary job of responsibility. The first generation commander agreed: “It doesn’t matter if my father can’t finish it. After the 25-year period expires, he will go there to rest and let his son continue.”

Before sending away the last 100 million people, I met Momo using a dating app.

Mo Mo is thirty-three this year, one year older than me. Momo has a quarter of Japanese ancestry, and the Japanese name is also Momo when pronounced. Momo, like most people of the same age, knew from an early age that he would be the last generation here. When he arrived in his thirties, he sent his parents there first, then put on his equipment, and visited several people’s attractions and places. Hundreds of scenic spots that had no one for a long time came to Macau contentedly, waiting for their turn to be sent there.

My self-introduction column reads like this: Hi, hello, I am the third-generation front-end operator, welcome to the Venetian to find me. In fact, I am not just an ordinary third-generation front-end operator. In the arrangement of the commander-in-chief, I am also the last front-end operator in the world. But this matter feels like it won’t add points, so I didn’t write it. Mo Mo asked me in the first sentence: “What is the common language over there?”

If you go there, you can speak any language, and the system will automatically convert all the words and sentences into the language that the listener is accustomed to.

There are always problems that science and technology can’t handle, even though the Engineering Department has studied for three generations, they still can’t find a solution. For example, people under the age of 30 can hardly successfully teleport over there, even if they do get there, they will have broken arms and legs. In the first few years of the plan, many people held on to this point, thinking that what we did was a serious violation of the will of God. Fortunately, before I was born, these people who had opinions had died naturally.

I saw an interesting scene in a previous report. The opposition religious leader intercepted the U.S. President at a meeting in Bangkok. After speaking impassionedly for twenty minutes, the U.S. President patted his shoulder without blushing and breathlessly said. : “It looks like there is no chance to see you over there. It’s great. Friends, let’s just leave it alone.”

In order to avoid sprawl, our generation has undergone birth control surgery in advance at an age that has no memory. When I was a child, I asked my mother why the people in old movies like to roll around on the bed naked, wouldn’t they be cold? Mother put on an expression that could not be read, looked at me and said, “You will know when you get there.” So Momo and I agreed to figure out this together in the future.

Plagiarized the common bridges in old movies, sent Mo Mo to the front, and gave him a hug. I told Momo, I will definitely look for you and wait for me.

I won’t let you wait too long. After eating this egg tart, I will go there to find you right away.

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