There are factories showing Switch streaming cards, you can “play” PC games on Switch

Recently, according to media reports, at the TGS 2022 (Tokyo Game Show), some gamers discovered a rather unique Switch accessory. This accessory, developed by the Japanese game accessory manufacturer “Tachi Electric Co., Ltd”, can run computer games smoothly on the console by inserting it into the Switch cassette slot.

From the pictures of the demonstration, we can see that just by inserting a streaming card into the card slot on the side of the game console, the Switch can successfully run (stream) the “Stray” PC, which greatly facilitates the user’s daily use . and improves efficiency. .

Not only that, users can also operate directly through the joystick Although the volume of the streaming card is longer than the Switch cassette, it will protrude a little, but it will hardly affect the normal use of the machine.

At the same time, the manufacturer also explained that this streaming card can only be used by inserting the card, and there is no need to spend money to crack the Switch host, which undoubtedly lowers the threshold for use greatly, which can attract more users and increase sales. .

Currently, this product is still in the relevant stage of concept design and has not yet been officially recognized by Nintendo. However, Nintendo officials at TGS 2022 are reported to have visited the booth and expressed interest in the new product, and they may cooperate with each other.

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