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“There are few side effects”… China encourages COVID-19 vaccination (comprehensive)

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The first case of side effects was announced by the authorities… Exceeded 600 million vaccinations

China’s Corona 19 Vaccination

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(Beijing = Yonhap News) Correspondent Han Jong-gu = China, which is speeding up vaccination against the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), has been encouraging vaccination, saying that it has been confirmed that there are few cases of side effects of the vaccine.

According to Chinese media such as the People’s Daily and the Hwangu Hour on the 29th, the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention received 265 million vaccines from December 15th last year to April 30th. It said that 31,434 cases were reported.

This is the first time that the Chinese government has announced a case of side effects from its own vaccine.

By type of side effects, general side effects such as fever and swelling were the most at 82.96%, and adverse reactions such as allergies were counted at 17.04%.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that 11.86 side effects occurred per 100,000 doses, which is lower than the reported side effects rate after influenza vaccination in 2019.

Feng Dujia, head of the China Vaccine Industry Association, said in an interview with Hwangu Sibo, “The announcement of side effects will not only increase confidence in Chinese vaccines, but also help other countries to increase their willingness to vaccinate China.”

In order to successfully host the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022, China has set a goal of achieving collective immunity by vaccinating 70-80% of the 1.4 billion population by the end of this year, and is promoting vaccination.

Recently, as new corona19 confirmed cases from Anhui Province to Liaoning Province came out, the atmosphere is massively encouraging domestic vaccine vaccination.

In the midst of this, China’s National Hygiene and Health Commission (National Health Commission) announced on the 29th that the number of vaccinations exceeded 600 million.

As a result of the Wi-Gon Commission’s count, 629.91 million vaccinations were performed in 31 provinces in China up to the day before.

It has been 5 days since it exceeded 500 million vaccinations on the 23rd.

In China, after recording 100 million vaccinations on March 27, the period of additional 100 million vaccinations is 25 days (200 million times), 16 days (300 million times), 9 days (400 million times), 7 days (500 million times), It is getting shorter and shorter to 5 days (600 million times).

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