There are fewer and fewer well-known brand mobile phones in the early 2000 yuan, and the price of OnePlus Ace 2V is surprising.

Carrier Finance Kang Zhao / Article

On March 7, OPPO’s OnePlus cell phone released a new Ace 2V model, and there are a few messages that make people feel good.

Come to understand why the next plus Ace 2V is called such a name? “ACE” means “ace” in English, and in the entertainment industry, it means an ace member of an idol group. Nowadays, many mobile phone brands have also adopted the word “ACE”, which represents the “ace” attribute of this mobile phone. And V stands for victory. It means that its performance is very good.

The first OnePlus Ace was a mobile phone product released by OnePlus on April 21, 2022, and later OnePlus Ace 2 was released. OnePlus Ace 2V should be the official name of the OnePlus Ace2 Dimensity version, because one Plus Ace 2V is equipped with Dimensity 9000 5G chip, adopts TSMC 4nm process technology, supports the fifth generation high-efficiency APU 590, and its performance and energy efficiency are 4 times higher than the previous generation.

OnePlus Ace 2V claims to “cancel the screen plastic bracket”. In general, the screen bracket refers to a plastic screen frame, which is used to connect the middle frame of the mobile phone and the display screen, and it is glued in the middle to support and fix the screen. In general, flagship mobile phones do not have a plastic bracket, and OnePlus Ace 2V claims to “eliminate the plastic bracket of the screen”, which means it has the quality of a high-end flagship phone.

OnePlus Ace 2V costs only 2299 yuan, the price is really affordable, the memory configuration starts from 12GB + 256GB, with a more advanced appearance and 2.8D micro-arc glass back cover. All of these are good for consumers.

As for the difference between the OnePlus Ace2V and the previously released OnePlus Ace2? There are still differences. For example, in terms of appearance, the OnePlus Ace 2V uses two circular camera modules with two flashes, while the front of the OnePlus Ace 2 will use a hyperbolic screen with a hole in the middle.

The OnePlus Ace 2 has a full-blooded Snapdragon 8+ processor, while the OnePlus Ace 2V has a Dimensity 9000 processor.

The main rear camera of the OnePlus Ace 2 is a Sony IMX890 sensor with 50 million pixels, while the main rear camera of the OnePlus Ace 2V is OV64 million.