There are "sure" by Lamar Odom's forward from Khloe Kardashian - 16-Aug-2019

When asked if he is over Khloe, the sportsman said: "I certainly moved on."

When asked if it was true that the Kardashian family put him under a spell, he said: "I knew what I was going in. They always made me right."

The 39-year-old star admitted that his relationship with Sabrina is as strong as his ethnicity.

Gary Hayes, interviewer 'Dish Nation', said what makes them love, he said: "The truth. She's black."

Gary said: "When a black woman comes, you don't play."

Sabrina replied: "No, I didn't play at all."

Lamar added: "Yes, she keeps it true."

The 32-year life coach was asked why she decided to consider a relationship with Lamar considering his past problems, including a struggle with drug, alcohol and sexual addiction and an almost fatal overdose in a museum in 2015. – Khloe had led him to take up their divorce to restore him to health – but Sabrina insisted that the "pain and drama" at a different time in his life.

She said: "I didn't pull the pain and play for me.

"You must meet people where they are. He was never able to be a husband's person, you know? He was sick.

"He had to get a cure. He wanted grace. There was a lot of loss. He never had time to go through."


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