There are three holdings from No. 24, Maryland 70-56, won above No. 12 Purdue

Maryland fans have complained since the Terps came into the Big Ten five years ago due to the lack of competition, due to the unequal schedule of the series as well as the physical distance between their school and the other 13.

Regarding how the games were played, the competitions between Maryland and Purdue demonstrated their share of down to the string, including the first game of this season at Mackey Arena in early December.

The problem was most similar to what Terps had experienced for decades against the Duke and North Carolina: Following the first two meetings of Maryland in the first two seasons in the Big Ten, Purdue won the five next time.

That evening changed Tuesday at the Xfinity Center when the game continued with a similar script – the Boilermakers left to say that double digits were coming early in the second half – but the end was different from them.

For those Maryland and those who did it through hour and rain traffic – many were not at the start, when the place was more than half-empty – the result was much happier.

Here are 3 ways out of the 70-56 year of Maryland:

1. There were a couple of play without Jalen Smith away from a monster game.

Mark Turgeon came to medical treatment in Maryland, getting better when he said the owner went on from Washington, "Stix was as bad as it could be and then it was so good and it could be. "

Mount Saint Joseph and McDonald's All-American star set the time soon after missing their first five shots – all in the first three minutes – and they also set the time back again half of Maryland.

Smith completed 14 of the 16 points high quality after semi-graduate, more than 7 of 15 that were moderate from the field, but he lost all four of the 3 point sessions he asked.

While there were a few of the disabled people, coming early in the clock clock and stopping a momentum when Carrick Edwards's Purdue star followed by causing results, they showed something else.

Turgeon's Smith has become more aggressive, and he was definitely scoring 10 during a stretch that he saw and Eric Ayala and Aaron Wiggins's fresh springs on the 21 points of their team.

The Terps 9-0 are this season with at least 15 points scoring at least 6-10, which means that Smith has a pretty correlation playing well and winning Maryland.

2. This may be the best defense team of Thurgeon at Maryland.

Two days after the Terps lost at Purdue, they hit Loyola of Chicago, 55-41, at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore. At the moment, the bulk of points scored this season at one of the final finals of the Four Seasons.

The defense suffered to be shown again for the last two games for Maryland, the first with a 60-45 peak last week in Nebraska and then on Tuesday night, when the Boat Terps took to 18 points in the second half.

Purdue coach, Matt Painter, praised Maryland's defense performance, especially because of the young Terps are together. Sophomore Darryl Morsell was the catalyst, especially in the second half.

Edwards had seven points on the second half and the biggest Big Ten scorer missed 11 of 13 shots, Morsell was asked to protect the best game for his career.

"I do not know," he said. "I was locked in. There were 17 of them in the first half, so I took a personal type".

Maryland and Morsell certainly have the challenges on the other two games on the road, when the Terps play at No. 6 Michigan Saturday and No. 21 Iowa next Tuesday.

If the Turgeon team can be targeted at receiving ball screens and not allowing enough 3s open – especially against Hawkeyes and Jordan Bohannon – both games can be won.

3. Suddenly, the Big Ten race has a great interest – and it's open.

Maryland lost on Tuesday night, it is unlikely that Terps could win one of the best four best in the Big Ten stands and a very challenging challenge in the Big Ten competition next month in Chicago.

Due to Maryland's wins and losing Wolverines at Penn State, the Terps are now 10-4 in the series, but a half game behind Purdue (10-3) and a game behind Michigan and Michigan State (11-3) .

Maryland is just a game before the fifth place of Wisconsin. Despite the fact that the teams serve their regular season games, the server has the peak due to their worsening over Michigan last month.

The Terps is the most difficult schedule for any of the remaining teams in question, leaving two matches against the Wolverines and road trips to Ann Arbor as well as Iowa City and the State College ( when Maryland lost the last two times).

Think about this on Saturday cards at Crisler Center, where Terps will deal with Turkish critics stop talking about their 0-18 record against ranked teams on the road since they came to Maryland eight years ago.

A year ago Maryland lost unexplained team then-No. 23 Michigan when Terps na Wolverines allowed to score with 1.2 seconds remaining after 3 points had been made by Kevin Huerter massive.

Since it has a 17-0 start, Michigan is at least fragile. While the Wolverines are still losing at home, the Terps are a much better team, especially on the road than they were a year ago.

Saturday's peak could go a long way with Maryland to find the four largest sites in the Big Ten, and it seems that long after the series has long been successful, it should be certain that the Next week even more interesting.

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