There are two sides to the actress attack incident; Actress Mamta Mohandas says that you should not be a victim all the time Mamta Mohandas criticizes WCC

Actress Mamta Mohandas says that the attacked actress should not remain a victim forever. You have to come out of that incident and be ready to come out. This was said in a special interview given to Media One. Mamta added that there are people who are trying to gain by using the name of the actress.

There are two sides to the actress attack incident. Few women stop being victims. It is not right to come out publicly after being a victim. Both sides are responsible for exploitation in the film industry. Exploitation occurs when there is personal involvement where it should be faced professionally. If there is physical or mental abuse, you should be able to come out of there. Mamta Mohandas revealed that I have done so.

Criticism has also been leveled against WCC, a women’s organization in Malayalam cinema. The actress added, “Don’t even mention WCS’s name.”


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