There is a clamor for the outside of the largest Democrats in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Virginia's best politicians seem to have died on Monday on Monday, and some black community leaders noticed the Government of Ralph Northam over the dragon's enterprise and want to get a fair listen to Lt . Gov. Justin Fairfax on the allegations of sexual assault against him.

For a number of days, practically, the democratic establishment has risen until the democrats of the Northam and Fairfax Democrats are immediately present. But the tone changed significantly after the weekend.

Lawmaker launched a democratic state that was threatened to start investigating events on Monday morning against Fairfax, a gradual black politician gradually, to cancel the idea after resisting resistance.

At the same time, some black clergy and civic leaders made clear that they were happy to give Northam and Attorney Mark Herring second chance, seeking an appropriate process for Fairfax. Acceptance of Herring, like Northam, on a surface in the 1980s.

As the mediation escorts engaged in three of the elected Democrats developed by Juvenile developed, it became more clear that it could look badly to the party if Fairfax was summoned and The two white men succeeded in staying in power.

"The sort of ironia that makes your head turns is that Triangle and Northam are in trouble about Western-century transport. And yet it may be the only American American office holder throughout country who gets, in the end of the day, in trouble, "Quentin Kidd, a political science professor at Christopher Newport University, Virginia. "This could be worse and more uncomfortable before it gets better – if it improves better."

If Northam refused down, Fairfax was the second African American ruler in the history of the Islands. If each of the three Democrats, a Republican may have become a ruler, the GOP House of Kirk Cox is the next one after another.

Last week, among widespread calls for the resignation of Fairfax, the Democratic Party announced. Patrick Hope, who is white, plans to introduce investigative goods against the rapporteur on Monday. But Hope rebuked, quoting the two reaction from colleagues and racially online allegations.

Sometimes, a group of eight black clerks and community leaders said during a news conference that they survive Northam and would like to give him a second chance. Richmond City Former Richmond City "Chuck" Richardson called "a good and reasonable man" with Northam who stood up with African Americans on issues that were important to them.

Separately, a series of blacklisted leaders of course set out that Northam and Herring should redeem themselves during their remaining three years of office, including the removal of Confederate's views and raising more money for historical colleges black Virginia.

"In our opinion, you just can not apologize," the black leaders said in a letter.

The Black Virginia Legislative Caucus had not been the previous call to resign Northam. But the caucus chairman, Del. Lamont Bagby, willing to work with the regulator on issues that were important for black legislators.

"My task, I can tell you, they're going up to do," Bagby said.

Of the three politicians under fire, Herring had the smallest appearance. Black leaders said they felt sorry for each other.

However, a sign of the difficulties that Fairfax will be waiting for the post, four of his staff resigned.

In interviews published on Monday, Fairfax rejected rejecting the sexual assault allegations made by Meredith Watson and Vanessa Tyson, to offer evidence against him. In general, the Associated Press does not recognize people who say they are victims of sexual crimes, but both women are emerging.

Fairfax said he did not act on a person's sexual assault and it is even more likely to defend himself.

"Everyone needs to hear. … Even when these allegations are being tackled, I'm still standing right for everyone to hear," he told the Washington Post.

Watson said that Fairfax was successful when she was a student at the University of Dice in 2000. Tyson, a professor of California college, has been saying that Fairfax was trying to take her oral sex at the Boston hotel in 2004.

In an interview broadcast Monday, Northam gave a more complete explanation of his handling of the crisis, on February 1 when he discovered a photograph on the 1984 medical school school book page on someone in a surface that was close to another in Ku Klux Klan cochall and dress. Initially, Northam said he was in the photograph, and he refused a day later, and he spent the same year in a dance contest in the same year.

Northam, 59, "This Morning CBS said that he really took responsibility for the picture because he never saw the previous image.

"When you've been concerned, I do not think so clearly and we should," said Northam, who worked as a pediatric neurologist before he entered politics when he was almost 50.

But "when I retired and looked, I just said I knew I'm not in the Klan suit. And I started looking at an individual's picture with blackface. was … not. "


Report Finley from Norfolk, Virginia. Contributing to this report included the National Writers of Ireland, Errin Haines Whack, Richmond, and Denise Lavoie in Richmond; David McFadden in Baltimore; and Julie Pace and Michael Biesecker in Washington.


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