(There is a clip) “Jutathip” rides the best! win gold SEA Games

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“Jutatip” is the best!! Criterium women’s gold grab Satisfied, defeated “Nguyen” on the land of Vietnam, while “Sarawut” fought with all his might. get silver

“Beez” Capt. Jutatip Maneephan has done an amazing job. Spinning to win the Women’s Criterium Gold Medal In the 31st SEA Games by slashing defeat to “Nguyen Thi That”, the good character of the host “Vietnam”, to the extreme by “Beez”, I would like to present this gold medal to all Thai brothers and sisters, along with thanks to “General Decha, President of the Cycling Sports Association Who takes care of everything and is like another “father” on the side of “Seth Ink”, very pleased with the Thai cyclist army, able to achieve 2 gold as the goal

In addition, a special prize money was given to Pol.Lt. Colt. Chaniphon Bhandiya and Pol.Lt. Colt. Phannarai Rasi, 75,000 baht each, who have a fighter’s heart and help “Beez”. Grab gold while Lt. Lt. Sarawut Sirinachai fights fiercely Before winning the men’s Criterium silver medal, the gold medal went to Vietnam. Road bike race at the 31st SEA Games in Hoa Binh Vietnam, on May 19, kicked off the first day with 2 gold medals from the women’s and men’s Criterium program. For the racetrack, use the road in the middle of the city. Spinning in a rectangular shape, with a distance of 1.48 kilometers per round, each nation can send athletes competing in no more than 3 people per nation, which the host uses the rules for athletes to sprint to measure their luck in the final round

without sprinting to collect points during the match Starting from the female criterium competition, 20 laps, a distance of 29.6 kilometers, there are 19 athletes from 7 nations, including Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore and Laos. Division B.E.C. Female Lieutenant Jutathip Maneephan, “Kim” Police Lieutenant Phannarai Rasee, “Beam” Female Corporal Chaniphon Batriya The game in the first 10 rounds is still in the group. together But after that, a group of leaders fled away.

with Chaniphon Island in the lead group But when they entered the 18th round, a large group came together. until the last round Cyclists from different nations accelerated their sprints to their fullest. As a result, “Beez” Jutathip threw all his energy into a strong sprint during the last 100 meters before sprinting to the finish line as the first, defeating Nguyen. Thi That, a good cyclist of the host, went to the extreme, resulting in Jutathip winning the gold medal. and is the second gold medal of the Thai cyclist army The silver medal belonged to Nguyen Thi That, a Vietnamese cyclist. While the bronze medal was Noor Isya Muhamad Zubier from Malaysia, who narrowly defeated “Khim” Pannarai, had to judge by photo. “Beam” Chaniphon came in 10th place, but everyone made the same time. at 46.39 minutes

After the “Beat” race, Capt. Jutatip Maneephan shouted out, “Sajai, I want to tell everyone that I am satisfied with winning a Vietnamese cyclist. in Vietnam,” and revealed that Today’s game is awesome. Glad to win the gold medal to achieve the goal Thank you to all Thai brothers and sisters who helped to cheer for us athletes of the Thai national cycling team. No matter who will compete or who didn’t get down But when we stand at this point, we are doing it for the Thai nation. Most importantly, the tricolor flag on our chest, we made it for our “Father Luang”. Today, I’m very happy. And this success is thanks to the coaching staff. and every team

Jutatip also said, “I would like to thank General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Sports Association. who came to encourage us to the edge of the field. The Prime Minister took care of us in every matter. and he is like another father to me. You are my encouragement. Today I have succeeded. We all fought hard. This gold medal is for the nation. and for all Thai people Ask Thai brothers and sisters to follow and cheer on the Thai national team riders in other events. Today our road cycling team has opened our heads with gold medals. After this, there must be more, of course.” As for the men’s criteria, they competed 30 laps, with a distance of 44.4 kilometers, with 21 athletes from eight nations.

The Thai team sent 3 cyclists to compete in the competition, consisting of “Wut” Corporal Sarawut Siriranchai, “Pang” Air Chief Sergeant Thanawut Saniwatee and “Choe” Air Force Sergeant Pathompop Pon Aracht in the first game to the island. group together But after 8-9 laps, Sarawut, along with riders from Vietnam and Singapore, pulled away from the large group, leaving about 30-40 seconds, in which the final three came to print to compete for the championship. At the finish line, it appears that Kwang Wan Kuang, the host cyclist Accelerate the sprint to the finish line first win the gold medal

by narrowly winning Sarawut Make Thai cyclists only get a silver medal. As for the bronze medal, it went to You Boon Kiak, a Singapore cyclist, who made the 3 equal time 56.13 minutes, while Thanawut was ranked 4th at 56.39 minutes and Pathompop was ranked 9th at 56.47 minutes. Wut said, “Today’s game is as fast as expected. And there must be a large group of escaping I was determined to follow all groups and go to the next group. But unfortunately, the sprint in front of the line caused a little bit of rhythm. because I was too late to lose to the host cyclist but satisfied with the silver medal There are still 3 days of competition left.

Please send your Thai brothers and sisters their hearts to cheer for us. Thank you.” On the side of “Seth Ink”, General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand. Under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King said that he was delighted with the athletes who were like all children. In the morning, he prayed for blessings from 6 o’clock in order to protect athletes and wish them success. because the female criterium In Vietnam, there is a great cyclist, Nguyen Thi That. We have to admit that we are inferior to him in terms of hosting advantages. But all Thai cyclists fight with their best, it’s amazing. After this, we have to keep practicing to fight again in the 19th Asian Games in China. Now the Thai cycling team has achieved 2 gold medals as the target. If added more is considered profit.

In addition, General Decha said that this competition, in addition to congratulating Jutathip’s gold medal, must also accept the heart of Police Lieutenant Chaniphon Bandiya, who rode the group in the lead and helped drag Jutha. Thip gave him a sprint in front of the finish line to successfully win a gold medal, including Pol Lt. Col. Phannarai Rasee, who accelerated until she almost got a bronze medal. With both riders having a fighting heart Bicycle Sports Association Therefore, we would like to give a special prize money to 75,000 baht each, equal to athletes who received a bronze medal in accordance with the criteria given by the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT) in order to encourage them to practice and perform better in their service. next national team

“however Today we still got another 1 silver medal from Sarawut. Unfortunately, we lost a bit of rhythm during the sprint at the finish line. But being able to do this is considered very satisfactory. All of them did the job as the coach had planned. For May 20th, it will be a time trial competition. Both men and women, led by Air Force Sergeant Peeraphon, Chiang Kwang residents and Sergeant Petchdarin Somrat, then on May 21, compete in the men’s race disease program. On May 22, compete in the road race. The women’s team asks for the strength of the Thai people’s brothers and sisters to send encouragement to Thai children’s cyclists to fight the SEA Games in Vietnam. and grab more gold coins to return to Thai people Thai cyclists fight everyone. Thank you,” said General Decha.

While “Coach Tam” Wisut Kasiyapat, team manager and head coach of the road bikes of the Thai national team, revealed that for the men’s Criterium As expected, there was a group that fled. Which we have to plan to include Thai cyclists in the group as well, whether it be Sarawut or Pathomphob. Today the 3 riders did a very good job. Sarawut made 22 laps and tried to get the lead. to extend While the other nation’s sprinters went to control “Pang” Thanawut, causing the game to be tight and with a distance of 30-40 seconds, the large group couldn’t catch up. Finally, the group brought Sprint to compete for the championship in front of the finish line, which Sarawut was only a little slow, narrowly losing to Vietnam. But there are still many competitions left to win.

For the program of road cycling, the 31st SEA Games on May 20, won 2 gold medals from the women’s time trial, female sergeant Petdarin Somrat, Ms. Napassorn Panyawutikrai, N. .S.Napassorn Panyawutikrai / Time Trial Persona, Air Force Sergeant Peeraphon Chiengkwang, Police Sergeant Yuttana Mano

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