(There is a clip) ST.T.Tak, the champion of the two-wheeled battle ‘Bike 4 All’, the last pitch.

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Sergeant Major Thaks Kaewnoi, team rider from the Office of the Permanent Secretary for Defense Obviously the champion of the AV 40 men’s category, “Phrawat Sakulthanaphum” of the Fisherman’s Friend team, the 46th Phitsanulok Wing, won the AV35 men’s championship and won the royal trophy .

They both finished the bike race. “Cycling for a Lifetime Sports Tourism Bike 4 All”, the final pitch in Kra Siew Dam, Suphan Buri Province, while “Seth Ink” leads the Thai national team of cyclists to fight the 2022 UCI Road World Championships in the country. to be one of nine representatives from the Asian Cycling Confederation (ACC) to the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the International Cycling Federation (UCI Congress) and the “Bike for Lifetime Sports Tourism Bike 4 All” bike race to compete for Her Highness’s Royal Cup of Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Department of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Crown Prince of the Year 2022, field 4

which is the last field in the Kra Siew Dam of Dan Chang District of Suphanburi Province through the competition “Bike for Life Bicycle Tourism Sports for Everyone” on September 18 in front of the water supply and maintenance project office. He was honored by General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association of Thailand. under royal patronage The opening ceremony of the competition was presided over, along with Colonel Yingyos Khoen Amnuay, Director of Dan Chang Provincial Police Station, present at the ceremony, which was broadcast via Facebook Live Thaicycling Association. 17,000 were seen with international audiences from Laos, Cambodia , the Philippines and Indonesia. Join to watch with General Decha reveal that the Cycling Sports Association Organize mountain bike races on flat roads (Jai Than Roi) and “Bike for Life Sports Tourism Bike for All” for the year 2022

A total of 4 fields in 4 provinces, starting at Si Fai lake Phichit Province, field 2 at Kaeng Krachan Dam Phetchaburi Province, Field 3 in Kamphaeng Phet Province and ending at the 4th field at Kra Siew Dam Suphanburi Province All courses have been a very positive response from cyclists across the country. For the year 2023 in the competition section “Bike for Life Bicycle Tourism Sport for Everyone” the association will adapt the new competition rules. Originally, the competition was divided according to speed, namely AV40, AV35, AV30 for men and women. But the new rules will change to be divided by age. In the case of riders of the same age group, they will compete in the group. Children’s groups will only compete with children. you don’t have to compete The Royal Cup is also divided by age group

“Sek. Ink” also said that there are benefits to be gained from organizing this bike race That is, there are many new athletes emerging. according to the strategic plan of the Cycling Sports Association Then the association sent young riders who were champions in the previous field to compete in international events abroad, such as the long-distance cycling race “Tour de DMC 2022” in South Korea. and the long distance cycling race “Tour of Salalah 2022” in Oman. Which young knights have done a satisfactory job. and of such actions As a result, Thai cyclists are watched from neighboring countries in Asia. Recently, Singapore sent a letter of invitation to compete in the “Tour de France Prudential Singapore Criterium” on October 30. in Formula Grand Prix One Singapore by the Cycling Sports Association Will consider athletes with good performance and winners of various Thai Cycling Championships Represent the Thai national team to compete Thailand’s two-wheeled Prime Minister, nickname

“Prototype ink” continued, Meanwhile, Thailand’s senior national team riders are scheduled to compete in the 2022 UCI Road World Championships from September 18-25 in Wollongong. Australia Thai cyclists will compete in three categories, namely, the people’s category, Sergeant Major Sarawut Sirinachai, Mr. Peeraphon from Chiang Kwang, the female public sergeant, Petchdarin Somrat, and Pol.Major.Female, Chaniphon Battiya and the men young, mr. Nattawat Mangkonwong, Prime Minister of Montacha Inthong, with “Coach Tam” Wisut Kasiyapat as team manager. Thawit is an assistant and technician for the team.

For the Thai national team, the 2022 UCI Road World Championships will depart from Suvarnabhumi Airport. With Qantas Airlines, flight QF024 in the evening on 18 September at 6:10 PM to Sydney Airport. Australia at 06.30 local time with General Decha Hemkrasri, President of the Cycling Association. to be the head of the faculty and during the World Road Cycling Championship The International Cycling Federation (UCI) has also convened the 2022 Annual General Meeting (UCI Congress) on September 22, where Gen. was appointed. Decha Hemkrasri by Asian Cycling Federation. WRA) to be one of the 9 delegates eligible to vote or a Voting Delegate from Asia. When voting at this meeting a key voting agenda for each of the UCI committees will certify, recognizing new member states. and approve the UCI’s constitutional amendment.

The competition “Cycling for Life Tourism Sports Bike 4 All”, various models, with a large number of cyclists participating in the competition, riding the same distance of 65.20 kilometers in each model. The results are as follows: Model AV 40 Premium, which is a competition only for Thai national team riders, both men and women. The champion went to Sergeant Keerati Sukprasart (KAZE Custom Factory) for 1.27.56 hours, along with being the Thai champion with a total score of a full 100 points.

Model AV 40, men 1, Sergeant Major Thaks Kaewnoi (Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Defence) time 1.27.57 hours, winning the championship of Thailand with a total score of 70 points, won the Royal Cup, 2nd place, Mr Kittikhun Limsuwatthanapong (ENKKU) time 1.27.57 hours, 3rd place Mr Thanawat Saenta (Bangkok & Roojai Sports School) time 1.27.57 hours

Model AV 40, female 1, Miss Rungnapha Kusol (Kitchen Queens), time 1.38.42 hours, along with winning the Thailand championship with a total score of 100 full points, won the Royal Cup, 2nd place, Miss Sunari Karin (GSB 13 FNC Bikefiction) Time 1.40.02 hours, at 3 pm.

Model AV 35, Male 1, Mr Polwat Sakulthanaphum (Fisherman’s Friend, 46th Phitsanulok Wing) time 1.34.56 hours, while winning the Thailand championship with a total score of 80 points, won the Royal Cup, 2nd place, Mr Montri Teerateep (Little Samutsongkhram Cycling Club LCC) time 1.34.56 hours, 3rd place Mr Withun Rodthaisong (TEAM LCC Rai Ngam Insurance) time 1.37.53 hours

AV Model 35 Female 1st place Ms Kornwipha Wongsai (Cycle Club Singha Lampang) time 1.39.45 hours, 2nd place Ms Arthittiya Pitanang (Cycle Singha Club) time 1.40.01 hours , on 3rd Ms Phaksanan Permpipat (Singto Tân) time 1.44.28 hour The Thai champion belongs to Miss Arthittiya Pitanang, with a total score of 90 points, won the royal trophy

AV Model 30 Male 1, Mr Therdkiat Banjongcheep (Prime19) at 1.35.16 hours, 2nd place, Mr Peerapong Weeraphan (Fisherman’s Friend, Wing 46 Phitsanulok) at 1.35.16 hours, at 3 Mr Krit Dammerongcheep (Pritmerongcheep time) 1.35.28 hour, while the Thai champion belongs to Mr. Petchphanom Phanmuang (Krungthep Maha Nakhon Sports School & Roojai) with a total score of 74 points and won the Royal Cup.

Model AV 30, female 1, Miss Natnicha Sowankajorn (EN-KKU), time 1.39.35 hours, with a total score of 86 in Thailand won the Royal Cup, 2nd place, Miss Yuwadee Phusi Nam (Prime19) time 1.39.42 hours , at 3 pm Panthita Chitmat Time (Prime19) 1.43.58 hours All results can be followed on the Cycling Association website. www.thaicycling.or.th

For the next competition in the Cycling Sports Association it will be held as a track bike race. Thailand Championship to win the royal trophy “Queens Sirikit” for the year 2022, the 5th field, which is the last field Between 23-25 ​​September at Huamark Velodrome Stadium Athletes can apply to compete on the website of the Cycling Association. www.thaicycling.or.th Until Wednesday, September 21 at 2:00 pm or ask for details at Call 0-2719-3340-2 on official days and times

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