There is a hole! “Magic” accepts the case of Forex-3D, the law has gaps, orders the SEC-BOT to fix the km.

On 19 September, 65, Mr Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, the Minister of Finance, revealed that the Forex-3D case is not subject to the law of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Regulation of the Securities and Exchange Act and the Digital Assets Business Act, requiring the SEC to coordinate with the Bank of Thailand to facilitate monitoring Because there are issues related to foreign currency, the BOT will be responsible for this department.

“The law may be looped at some point. To trade foreign currency without permission is considered wrong, that is, those who exchange money must request permission from the Ministry of Finance from the Minister of Finance, which the Bank of Thailand must approve’ the offer. Forex-3D does not ask for permission. Since it is not within the legal framework of the SEC, it can be a loophole here. At what point the law has not arrived yet. to amend the law to regulate This includes financial institutions that are not commercial banks or banks, which are currently in the process of preparing to amend various laws. related to the next.”

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