There is a woman in the incident who attacked the actress, Kavya called Sarath as Ikka: Balachandrakumar

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There is a woman in the incident who attacked the actress, Kavya called Sarath as Ikka: Balachandrakumar

Kochi: Balachandra Kumar has reiterated that a woman is involved in the case where the actress was attacked. Balachandra Kumar said that he felt the presence of a person named Madam from the conversation at Dileep’s house. He told Reporter TV.

‘Police are now taking the case of the attack on the actress more seriously than before. I have also felt that there is a madam involved in the case. There have been many conversations that have not been recorded. It was from that conversation that Madame’s presence was felt. Many conversations have not been recorded, ”says Balachandra Kumar.

He added that Dileep had told his close friend Baiju that he had saved the woman and punished her.

‘After being silent for a while, Dileep said this sadly. Baiju is a person who knows everything about Dileep’s personal, ”says Balachandra Kumar.

However, Balachandra Kumar confirmed that the VIP involved in the case was Sarath Nair from Aluva. Balachandrakumar said that he recognized Sarath after hearing the sound samples.

‘I do not know where the sound sample was collected from. But as soon as I heard it, I realized. It is now known that many people call Sarath Ikka. Sarath is also a close friend of a political leader in Aluva. Sarath travels with him regularly. Many call him Ikka. That may be how Sarath has become over the years, ”Balachandra Kumar added.

Meanwhile, the High Court on Friday adjourned consideration of an anticipatory bail petition filed by actor Dileep and others in a case of conspiracy to endanger the investigating officers in the abduction and torture case of the actress.

Because the prosecution demanded more time. The arrest ban will continue until Friday. Dileep, brother P. Sivakumar (Anoop), Dileep’s sister’s husband TN Suraj, Dileep’s cousin Appu and friend Baiju Chengamanadu’s’ anticipatory bail application was considered. Last Friday, the case was adjourned till today.

The crime branch has registered a case against Dileep based on the revelations of director Balachandra Kumar.

Meanwhile, the High Court has allowed the prosecution to cross-examine eight witnesses in the case of the attack on the actress. The prosecution had asked the high court to cross-examine 12 witnesses.

The High Court said that eight of them could be questioned. The court allowed five new witnesses and three previously examined witnesses.

The High Court also allowed the prosecution’s plea to examine important phone records in the case.

The court also directed that a new prosecutor be appointed within ten days of the resignation of the former prosecutor.

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Content Highlights: There is a woman in the incident where the actress was attacked, Kavya called Sarath as Ikka: Balachandrakumar




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