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Mumbai: Former India fast bowler Ashish Nehra has said that Rishabh’s ball will not play in the Twenty20 World Cup for India, despite a 2–2 draw against South Africa in the first series led by India. He scored 57 runs in 4 innings in the series. He lost 3 wickets and tried to bat on balls that came too far off the stumps.

‘We knew the ball would be famous the day we played the first match for India. The ball made a name for itself after returning to the team, although he was later ruled out due to poor performance. But I’m sure the ball will be disappointing when you look at the performance in the Twenty20 matches, ”Nehra told the Cricketbus sports portal.

‘If the question is whether Team India can play Twenty20 cricket without Rishabh Pant, the answer is yes. There is still a lot of time for the Twenty20 World Cup. There is no guarantee that the ball will play compulsorily in the Twenty20 World Cup. There is even a possibility of injury to the ball before the World Cup. We have to play a lot of matches before the World Cup. 10 International Twenty20 matches and then the Asia Cup. All this is yet to come.

Playing for India in all 3 formats is a very good thing about the ball. All the other players get a chance only in the Twenty20 matches. If they do not perform well in the few opportunities available to them, their case will get into trouble. We have to remember that we have Ishan Kishan, Dinesh Karthik and Sanju Samson too ‘- Nehra’s words.

English Summary: ‘There’s no stamp that says Pant will surely play T20 WC’: Nehra suggests 3 alternatives to Rishabh for the World Cup

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