There is now an ice storm across Metro Detroit

There is a dangerous system moving through Detroit in the morning. We are the foundation for a sweet mix
where the rain is freezing the ultimate dominant type. These promotions are accepted and we will have an example of a textbook today.

Audio Sample. JPG


The foregoing forecast explains the time up. In essence, you have a cooler air near the surface with a warmer air series on top.
As rain comes, there will not be an opportunity to freeze completely, so it's freezing on contact, creating frozen rain.

Winter Weather Advice is in place for all mid-OCs to 1 PM, which means you can see ice measurements from .10 to .25 inches. This is dangerous for drivers
and it's bad for infrastructures, since it has the ability to reduce trees and power lines as well as scattered spreads.

Wednesday Night.JPG


Here's an example of what the models are doing. The average is anywhere from .10 "- .35" (there are also higher sizes for sleet accumulates). This will cause dangerous lifts and dangerous travel throughout the day. Stay with 7 Action News on the latest on the forecast as well as current school closures.



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