There was life in that file; So Apws got his mother

Kottayam ∙ After 15 years, Appus (18) held his mother’s hand. Now the son is with his mother Puspa, a native of Kataplamtam. A file unexpectedly fell on the body during the search to identify Apus, who was in the government children’s home in Travancore under the Department of Women and Child Development!

After the death of her husband, Appus was left unfulfilled by Pushpa Changanassery Alphonsa Snehanivas at the age of three.

When the Snehanivas building was demolished as part of the development of the railway, the prisoners were moved first to Wakathanam and then to Nedumkunnam.

Pushpa, who wandered for work, could not find where her son was. So Appoos, who came to the children’s home in Travancore, completed the government food craft course and joined the KTDC hotel.

In 2019, Appus was found to be in Travancore, but Pushpa did not have the document proving that he was her son. The son was also unable to recognize his mother. Baburaj, the caretaker of the orphanage, saw Pushpa going back in tears.

Baburaj undertook the task of uniting mother and son. Baburaj visited all the places where Appoos stayed. During the inspection at the center in Nedumkunnam, a file fell on Baburaj’s body. Inside was a picture of Pushpa and Appoos together.

Then things went faster. The Child Welfare Committee intervened. It was decided to carry out a DNA test to prove the relationship between the mother and the son. The examination fee of Rs 18,000 was paid by the Child Welfare Committee itself.

Chairman of CWC Dr. Baburaj’s 7-month effort along with Arun Kurien, members Lalan C. Jacob, Sophie Mathew and Children’s Class Superintendent Binu John paid off. Apoos again belongs to the mother.

English Summary: Appus finds his mother through a file


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