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‘There was no discussion about Bigg Boss’; That friendship reunited

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The film is shared by Sandhya Manoj, a contestant in Bigg Boss Season 3.

Kerala, First Published Jun 27, 2021, 11:31 PM IST

ABigg Boss is the most popular reality show on Shannet ever. Season three of the show has stopped, but the news continues. The main thing is that the suspense over who is the winner of the show continues. That’s why the discussion on social media continues even days after the show stopped in the wake of the lockdown.

Now, Bigg Boss Season Three contestant Sandhya Manoj has shared the picture with the fans. The friendship between Sandhya, Bhagyalakshmi and Kitilam Firoz was one of the friendships formed while they were inside Bigg Boss. Even after coming out of Bigg Boss, these friends got together after a long wait. This is what Sandhya shared.

‘We did not discuss Bigg Boss. Months later we were celebrating moments together. Heartfelt thanks to Bigg Boss for giving me so many great friends. Tonight was all about smiles, bursts of laughter, sharing and caring. ‘ , Marks the evening. Fans shared the joy of seeing the three together after Bigg Boss. Sandhya arrived with her son Siddharth Manoj.

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