There were 16 Dutch students in the hospital in Italy with an unknown virus

Six students from the Netherlands were hospitalized in Milan city of Italy to deal with an unknown virus. Released them all since. Not yet known what caused the students to be sick, the team leader Stephan Wiele from Wood College and Amsterdam Furniture said to

On Monday morning 110 students and 11 Amsterdam supervisors left buses to visit the Salone del Mobile interior design fair. The first health problems presented themselves on Tuesday evenings. In total about 30 students and four supervisors suffered symptoms such as abdominal pain, nausea and fever. 16 treatments were administered in hospital for treatment, of which 13 were discharged quickly. The other three left the hospital now.

Reports in the Italian media recommended that students pay food poisoning in a Dutch restaurant just before their trip to Italy. But according to Wiele, this is not true. "The students were not sick from food poisoning, but that is not the reason for now", he told the newspaper. "Perhaps the student who got the virus on the bus and spread it, but this is one speculation."

Everything is now back to normal for the students, Wiele said. "It was very frightening, but the atmosphere is good in the group now. The pupils have fun." They will return to Amsterdam on Monday.

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