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The youth TV series “Old Glazed Tile”, adapted from the novel of the same name, was launched today. In the play, Sun Kai plays the role of “distressed” in “Five Happy Little Children” – Wu Huan, who looks cute and has a poor family since childhood. Treating his mother’s illness, sensible and inferior, he was deeply distressed by the audience, and he aroused heated discussions as soon as he appeared on the stage.

The boy who was forced to be sensible came out with tears

Wu Huan, played by Sun Kai, and Shao Xue (Chen Yuqi), Zheng Sunian (Lin Yi), Zhang Qi (Yan Zidong), Lin Shiyin (Tian Ai) and others are the children of artisans who restore cultural relics. They grew up together in Beijing. Growing up in the hutong, five boys and girls who talk about everything, are classmates and childhood sweethearts. They grow up in laughter and mischief, and mature in troubles and rebellion.

As the “distressed” among the five little ones, Sun Kai’s Wu Huan’s family is poor, and his mother is in poor health all the year round. When he was young, he contracted all the housework since he was a child, not only responsible for making money to support the family, but also serving the sick His mother took medicine and even worked and set up a stall at the market during the New Year’s Eve. Under the pressure of life, Wu Huan actually had the idea of ​​dropping out of school to work… What will his future lead to, people will wait and see.

What I can’t hide is my love

“Old Glazed Tile” is adapted from the novel of the same name by Beifeng Sanbaili. It is reported that in the original novel, Wu Huan, who looks cute and has a slightly fat body, always silently follows behind his childhood sweetheart Lin Shiyin (played by Tian Ai), escorting Lin Shiyin. Wu Huan, who is not confident, has always kept secret feelings for Lin Shiyin, but dared not express it. In the previously exposed previews and stills, Wu Huan finally bravely spoke out his love and walked towards the “light” in his heart. With his simple performance and natural feelings, Sun Kai interprets the feeling of adolescence and secret love, which makes people look forward to more plots in the feature film.

From the witty and chivalrous Wang Qinyu in “The Best Sesame Officer”, to Xiaopang, the strongest team assistant in “You Are Beautiful When You Smile”, to Wu Huan in “Old Glazed Tile”, Sun Kai’s roles are not the same It is full and three-dimensional, and it is not difficult to see that it is the result of its careful interpretation. “There were glazed tiles in the past” will be updated every Wednesday to Friday since January 26. It is reported that Sun Kai, Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi’s “Bright Star” has just finished production recently. We look forward to the actor Sun Kai bringing us more surprises.

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