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The world praises that magical sight again and again from the feet of the Brazilian star Richalison. Among these, Minister MB Rajesh adds the words spoken by Richarlison along with the steps the state government is taking against drug addiction. Richalyson’s acrobatic strike has already become one of the best goals of the World Cup.

‘Listen to Richarlison: ‘There were a lot of drug dealers on my street. Many of my friends went that way. They could easily get more money. I couldn’t. I wasn’t obsessed with the money. I sold chocolate and ice cream. Cars were washed in the middle of the day. Even though I was hungry, it didn’t bother me’. Like Richarlison’s acrobatic goal, we can see a goal in the fight against drugs.’ Rajesh shared the video and wrote.

Richalison is the second player to score a brace for Brazil on his World Cup debut. Richalison’s goal surpassed Neymar’s feat in 2014.

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