There will be more for sure..but wait a minute! ‘Tisang’, a former Chanathip translator, reveals that the first leg of the J-League will not have any new Thai players.

The former interpreter of J-Chanathip, such as “Tisan” Tiwaporn Sangkhaphan, who also works as a staff coach of Consadole Sapporo, revealed that in the first leg of the J-League football match, he may not have seen Thai players. new move to football Due to the Covid-19 measures of Japan’s strict

“Tisang” Tiwaporn Sangkhaphan The former interpreter of “J” Chanathip Songkrasin Has posted a farewell message after the captain of the Thai national team move to team Kawasaki Frontale is completed with the conclusion that he will wait to be molded “Chana 2” causing many parties to believe There will be a new Thai player to replace Chanathip at the club. Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo in the upcoming 2022 season

However, most recently, Tiwaporn, who continues to work as a staff coach of Sapporo, has revealed that It is unlikely that there will be new Thai players to replace Chanathip in the first leg of the battle. Japan J League Due to preventive measures against COVID-19 of Japan that is extremely strict

“Now the measures of the Japanese side He prohibits foreigners without visas from entering the country one hundred percent. Therefore, the buy-sell market this time will be a bit difficult. And it’s almost impossible. to import foreign players during this period If there may be a market to buy – sell players in the next round. After finishing the first leg So that the club can look at the form a bit.”

As for the case of Sapporo, will there be a plan to pull Thai players to replace Chanathip or not? because the Thai market value that we have created And we got a very good response. It’s gone. I tried to talk to the club that it was necessary to bring Thai footballers in. so that what we’ve built will continue to exist Otherwise, it will all disappear.”

“But who are you looking at now? It may still not be answered, however, the general manager of the team. want me to stay and work here It was in order to visualize and plan the future of Sapporo. who want to maintain the relationship with Thailand as it was in the future.”

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