“There’s a grandmother under the car”… Citizens gather their strength and ‘carry’

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A grandmother in her 70s who was on the road had an accident when she was hit by a car who was drunk and driving without a licence.

Nearby citizens worked together to raise the car, and the woman was able to be rescued safely.

Reporter Kim Chan-nyeon will tell you about the tense situation at the time.

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A car with a dented front stands in front of a broken wall.

One by one, people gather around and stop the moving vehicle.

“Wait! No no! Don’t move! Don’t move! No! No!”

A car on its way to the lane hit an old woman who was walking down the street and crashed into a wall.

About 10 citizens hurriedly gathered and started lifting the vehicle.

“Please come this way, this way only, this way!”

Middle school students who passed also added strength.

Meanwhile, a citizen goes under the vehicle and pulls the old lady out of the wheel on the passenger side.

[김규성/구조 시민]

“Right now, all I could think about was that I had to save him. So getting hurt somewhere isn’t the problem, I have to save people’s lives first, so I thought, ‘Let’s do it together’…”

At the time, all the walls collapsed due to the accident, but the elderly woman who had been in an accident was saved in less than 10 minutes thanks to the quick rescue of citizens.

A grandmother in her 70s who was taken to hospital suffered a broken bone, but luckily she is recovering in hospital.

[이지성/구조 참여 중학생]

“There could be something like this in the future. At that time, I thought I should be more excellent and saving before others.”

The grandmother’s family thanked the citizens who came to the rescue.

[피해 할머니 가족]

“I am grateful that the citizens picked up the car quickly and saved my mother quickly, so there was no harm to her life…”

A driver in his 70s was caught driving under the influence in 2013 and had his license revoked.

Police plan to review the arrest warrant application for the driver and award certificates of appreciation to all 10 citizens who stepped in to help.

This is MBC News Kim Chan-nyeon.

Video comment: Kang Heung-ju (Jeju) / Screen provided: Kim Tae-yeon, Song Gyeong-hee (viewers), Seogwipo City Hall

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