There’s something inside this Tiffany & Co padlock that’s rusted! Only limited to 99 pieces, can’t you buy it if you have money?

Tiffany & Co’s exquisite accessories and the dreamy color of Tiffany Blue believe that many women cannot put it down. The brand will launch limited edition series from time to time for Tiffany fans to collect. This time, Tiffany and New York artist Daniel Arsham have joined hands again to launch a new joint series “Tiffany & Co. x Arsham Studio”, creating 99 pieces of limited edition items called sculptures “Eroded Tiffany Bronze Padlock” and Tiffany Lock bracelets. The price is beyond imagination!

Daniel Arsham’s design was inspired by Tiffany’s heritage. He once used the brand’s 1878 version of the classic Tiffany Blue Box as a blueprint, and collaborated with Tiffany to launch a limited edition of 49 “Eroded Bronze Tiffany Blue Box” sculptures and limited edition bracelets.

This time, Arsham also uses the brand’s historical heritage as its design concept. The first use of Tiffany locks can be traced back to the late 19th century, when the brand first provided customers with functional padlocks, and now collaborating with Arsham to create a limited edition of 99 pieces. “Tiffany Bronze Padlock” sculpture and Tiffany Lock bracelet.

Inside this eroded padlock is a Tiffany Lock bracelet, handcrafted with 18K white gold diamonds and the famous Tiffany “Tsavorite” emerald. Coupled with the patina shade that Arsham Studio often uses for sculpting, it’s a match made in heaven!

The price of this series is as high as $59,000, and the single product will be on sale in designated Tiffany & Co global stores on December 1, 2022. Interested ladies can pay more attention!

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