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However, not everyone can keep a cat in their home, and the biggest reason for this is allergies.

Fortunately, there are many different species, and the Burmese cat is one of the beauties that can be adopted even by those who struggle with hair allergies.

The Burmese cat is considered one of the gentlest and cuddliest of all known breeds. Relaxed and adaptable, this adorable kitty is known for her laid-back nature.

It is full of mysteries and contradictions. It is an excellent pet, very attached to its owners and not too demanding. These cats adore people and have a dog-like character, they are playful, fun and active, so they will use every opportunity to be close to their owner, following him around the whole apartment.

He loves to sit on your lap, crawls into bed before going to bed and cuddles at every opportunity.

These cats are full of energy, but it is not recommended to let them outside the apartment because they are very curious and fearless, so they can easily find themselves in danger. They do not like to be alone, and if you are not at home most of the day, it would be good to have a cat company, ideally a second wedding ring. She is intelligent and kind, but above all she has a fantastic personality.

It is the perfect pet for families looking for love and fun. They are energetic by nature, and many people consider smooth shiny hair and yellow eyes to be the pinnacle of elegance.

Burmese cats are surprisingly heavy for their size, which is why they are often described as a “brick wrapped in silk”.

There are two types of Burmese cats: the American, which is characterized by a compact body, a round head and round eyes, and the European, which is characterized by a compact but slimmer body, a head in the shape of a short blunt wedge and a specific shape of eyes, large but not completely round.

The first recognized color of the Burmese cat was dark brown, and today they come in blue, lilac, chocolate, red, cream and greenish.

Being one of the few breeds that do not have an undercoat, their presence will be less of a bother to people allergic to hair.

These cats are resilient, in good health and have a longer lifespan than most breeds. They can live up to 20 years, and even longer, he reports Blic Woman.

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