These postures of Franck Biya which raise the temperature

During the 15th Conference of Heads of State of the Economic Community of Central African States (CEMAC), state protocol has kicked the thermostat up a notch by its arrangement of VIPs at the Unity Palace.

At the forefront of the guests in the room, there is the presidential family represented by the First Lady Chantal Biya and the son of the Head of State, Franck Biya. After them comes the Secretary of State for the Presidency of the Republic (SGPR), Minister of State Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh and at his side the other official of the Palace, the Director of the Civil Cabinet, Minister Samuel Mvondo Ayolo. In this head gear in such circumstances, the state television camera, CRTV only has eyes for the son of the Head of State, one would say, offering from time to time on full screen the actions of the presidential offspring. If this can be understood quite naturally by the fact that the latter during the long magisterium of his father always kept carefully away from the screens, it is no less true that since Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Cameroon in July last year, punctuated by all the speculation on his photo saluting the French number one in the presence of Paul Biya, everything concerning Franck is apprehended under a political prism.

Silences franckistes

And this situation was exacerbated by a virulent exit from Jean-Luc Mélenchon who, criticizing the equivocal actions of the French head of state in Africa, put his foot in the dish by insinuating that he had come to Yaoundé to dub the son of the Head of State as he had previously done in Chad on the death of Idriss Deby Itno who fell on the battlefield in the north of his country. This means that during this summit of CEMAC heads of state, the son of the Cameroonian head of state burst onto the screen a little more, especially with his positioning just after the First Lady. In July of last year, he had been seen furtively at the very back of the room. This time, he is well in front of the stage. Should we unseal any presidential will to propel Franck into the political arena? On the web, the photo captures of the person concerned on the screens of CRTV in the middle of a conversation with the SGPR are looping with increasingly political comments.

The man remains silent despite all the facts and intentions attributed to him left and right. The Franckist movement, which held public opinion in suspense for some time, no longer distills messages presenting the son of Paul Biya as their model. In the political offices, by the quality of the comments, many do not know the “lion man” of such intentions, he who has always wanted to be a legalist, he who does not fail to say that it is inappropriate to speak of succession in democracy. And there too, it is the political discourse.

Definitely, Franckist silences are also starting to make a big splash in political opinion. He does not say that he is interested in state power but shows by his postures that he can be. Between the silence and these presences, it is just enough to cough for everything to be understood. This last step that the various agencies are certainly waiting for to make a religion and incorporate it into their short-term political strategy;

The messenger


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