They are three of the best players, but I am ahead in terms of personal achievement – ​​Cristiano Ronaldo

Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo has identified the best players in football. He said he doesn’t like to compare players, but Brazilian legends Ronald Nazario and Ronaldinho and Argentine legend Lionel Messi are the best players.

Rono said he has a personal advantage over them but they are all world champions. The actor said these things to ESPN Sports.

‘It will depend on how we play. I don’t agree with comparing stars. But if you ask who are the best players, I would say Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi. Because all three of them made history in football and left their mark.

I can say that I have more personal achievements than any of them. But they have the World Cup. I grew up watching Ronaldo and Ronaldinho play,’ said Cristiano.

Portuguese Super Striker Cristiano Ronaldo is the star who joined the Saudi Arabian club Al Nasser after training for the European chapters. The star’s club change surprised the fans. Having achieved many achievements in his career, Roanoke not only managed to become the world champion.

Many thought that the player would retire from national football after Portugal had to be eliminated in the quarter-finals of the World Cup recently. Even after crossing the age of 38, Ronaldo did not retire from international football and surprised some.

But reports suggest that Rono’s desire is to play in the Euro 2024 tournament and only then will the player announce his retirement from the national team. There are also reports that the star has said that his aim is to retire in 2024 after winning the international trophy for the country.

The milestone in Ronaldo’s international career was winning the title by defeating France in the final of the Euro Cup 2016. The victory was the first major trophy in the history of Portugal. Cristiano Ronaldo also played a vital role in leading the team to such an achievement.

The player continued to achieve many achievements in the national shirt. Rono’s presence in the game would have worried opponents. However, not being able to lift the World Cup trophy for the country is undoubtedly a huge disappointment for a star like Ronaldo.

Ronaldo may not be able to play another World Cup due to age, but he hopes to lift one more international title for his country before he retires.

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