They both used to take drugs together! Cara Delevingne will get to where she is today, and it’s actually about Amber Heard

Last week, after Margot Robbie visited her friend Cara Delevingne, she was photographed leaving her home crying. The situation seemed more serious and less optimistic than expected, causing heated discussions among netizens. When Cara Delevingne reached the peak of her modeling career, she fell to the bottom in an instant, which made the outside world very worried, and it will come to this point, which is actually related to Amber Heard.

About loving Amber Heard

But leads to the problem of “drug addiction”

Recently, foreign media highlighted the fact that Amber Heard must take responsibility for the situation that Cara Delevingne is now facing. The content mentioned that the two were not only good friends in the past, but also loved each other and were “medical” together.

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It is said that after getting to know Amber Heard, Cara Delevingne started attending the sex party hosted by Amber Heard. Not only were Hollywood celebrities provided, but also “wine” and “drugs” at the party. Cara Delevingne also contracted “drugs” “during this period. addiction” problem. She is deeply in love with Amber Heard, but her health is beginning to suffer.

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Later, when the scene of the two kissing in the elevator came to light, Cara Delevingne, who previously suffered from depression, was feeling more stressed and had serious mental problems, along with an “addicted” relationship to drugs”, changed the original situation. worse.

Margot Robbie’s appearance

I hope Cara Delevingne can go to rehab

That is why, when a series of out-of-control actions emerged, Cara Delevingne’s family decided to forcefully intervene in her life, and her family realized that the consequences could be unimaginable if they did nothing. And in Cara Delevingne’s circle of friends, the only friend who has a better relationship and who at the same time reassures her family is Margot Robbie.

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It is said that the reason why Margot Robbie went to Cara Delevingne’s home was not only to visit her friend’s recent situation, to accompany her and encourage her, but more importantly, she hoped that she could go to a rehabilitation center and receive psychological counselling. Friends who care about her know that she has fallen into the problem of “drug addiction”, and actively persuade her to take good treatment and not give up easily.

Cara Delevingne’s confident glow will no longer be visible for a short time, her work has been completely suspended and she is focusing on getting back to health. Behind Cara Delevingne’s series of abnormal behaviors, it actually stems from drug addiction and mental illness. Just because she fell in love with someone and lost her ability to judge correctly, she lost her health, her career and her image.

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