They capture a subject with 74 vials of fentanyl on the border with Venezuela

Colombian police and military personnel captured a man with 74 vials of fentanyl and other drugs, during a procedure carried out in a residential complex located in Villa del Rosario, Cúcuta, on the border with Venezuela.

The subject was identified as Carlos Eduardo Duarte Molina, 32 years old, who was accused of trafficking in synthetic drugs and the aforementioned illicit substance in vials.

Colonel Ángel Fernando Carvajal, commander of the Army’s Thirtieth Brigade, stated that Duarte allegedly “used his residence to commit these crimes,” La Opinión reported.

Uniformed members of the Maza group, of the Army, together with units of the Technical Investigation Corps (CTI) and the Colombian Police, at the time of carrying out the search of the property located near the Historic Temple, seized the aforementioned amount of fentanyl, in vials of 10 milligrams each; 37 ecstasy pills, 270 two-milligram clonazepam pills, 1.7 kilos of marijuana, 19 bottles of poppers (a “recreational” drug), dosing elements, a gramera, 17 electronic cigarettes, a traumatic weapon (reduced lethality ) and two suppliers.

Duarte was sent to jail, after being presented by the Prosecutor’s Office in hearings for legalization of capture, indictment of charges and security measure, in which he did not accept the accusations, added La Opinión.

According to the authorities, the individual must answer in prison for manufacturing, trafficking or carrying narcotics.


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