They install speed bumps in various sectors of San Fernando

Due to the requirements expressed by the community to improve road safety, the Municipality of San Fernando, through the Communal Planning Secretariat (Secplan), is executing a project for the installation of speed bumps in various parts of the city. .

In this way, the initiative, which is financed by the Municipal Fund, is developed in the following sectors: Villa Santa Bárbara (Claudio González street – San Pablo), Club de Polo Sector (Hermano de la Fuente street, Villa Santa Teresita (Medialuna street) ), Villa Araucarias de Nircunlauta (Pedro González Street), Rucatalca Sector, Angostura Sector, Alborada Sector The objective is to provide greater security for the San Fernández community, taking into account that these speed bumps are being installed in highly populated places.

The article Install speed bumps in various sectors of San Fernando was first published in El Rancagüino.


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