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THG enters the CBD market, elevating hemp for medicinal benefits

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Thursday, November 25, 2021, 7:01 p.m.

Thonburi Health Care Group (THG) enters the CBD market, breaks down its subsidiary, Thonburi Canabiz Public Company Limited (THC), invests more than 100 million baht, aiming to be a leader in the hemp market. Highlights with technology from the United States.

Thonburi Healthcare Group Public Company Limited or THG, the leader in comprehensive health care business and quality services with modern technology under the concept “Lifetime Health Guardian for All”, breaking new business lines. Under the name of Thonburi Canabiz Public Company Limited or THC to want to raise the standard of hemp in Thailand to be used in various fields. especially for medical use that must be focused from the upstream process midstream and downstream It covers the development of good breeds. including cultivation extraction of vital substances In order to be able to use the extract to produce standard pharmaceutical products.

Dr. Boon Wanasin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Thonburi Health Care Group Public Company Limited or THG has revealed that “For the idea of ​​establishing Thonburi Canabiz Public Company Limited or THC, it stems from our focus on developing the potential of providing traditional Thai medicine services that are our wisdom. Combined with the use of CBD to help treat and relieve symptoms of disease. by bringing innovations From research to use in patient care and develop the Thai medical industry to be more advanced. both establishing CBD Medical grade standards and knowledge for further innovation to be widespread for the general public to have greater accessibility which in the past we The product has been tried for medical benefits as it is widely used in foreign countries.

In addition, THC is ready to support. including giving advice to lead to the development of production processes Extracted and used plant hemp (CBD) quality standards. From upstream, midstream to downstream, for the benefit of medical treatment and disease treatment under the supervision and supervision of a medical professional. This is in line with the Ministry of Health’s policy to drive the use of medical marijuana. to be used to promote the treatment of modern medicine and Thai traditional medicine At present, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed with nearly 10 community enterprises to become partners in doing business together and it is considered THG. is

The first hospital to operate a fully integrated hemp business Starting from planting, extraction, production until it can actually be used for treatment. It is expected to create interest in the hemp market in the future.

The highlight of Thonburi Canabiz’s medical CBD is that we have exchanged research on planting technology, research and drug formula development with CBD academy USA for almost 2 years. Drug regimens that are equivalent to international standards Including the fact that we have a Jin Wellness Center under THG group, which is a center that helps in rehabilitation of patients under the care of a doctor. And give close advice on how to use CBD to help in treatment. We have also used innovations to help consult patients 24 hours a day by using the download chat bot and most importantly, our team of doctors. proficient And has direct experience in using CBD to treat patients which is considered different from others.

As for the marketing plan, Dr. Suwadee Phanpanich, Director of Canabiz Public Company Limited, said that Therefore, we have set a goal that we want Thonburi Canabiz Company to be a Solution Provider in the field of medical CBD, where we can provide a full range of services. Whether it is consulting on planting, refining, research and product development. We are considered to be the first hospital in Thailand. that provides a full range of services from the beginning, the middle and the downstream

“Upstream” is to control the production from planting to quality standards. Medical grade. We have community enterprises that are ready to invest. And have technology, including know how to plant to get the products we want. In the middle of the water, we have worked with academics both Thai and foreign. Especially from the USA in order to get CBD with medical grade standards and downstream, we have research. and developed drug formulations with CBD academy in the United States for almost 2 years, resulting in drug formulas and OEM product formulas that meet international standards

For the initial target group, we mainly look at the B2B group in order to create reliable products. And a variety of products that can meet the specific needs of small customers, where Thonburi Canabiz can create product formulas in body care group health food group Cream for sensitive skin and acne treatment group including the anti-aging group As for products for retail customers, CBD medical grade is our key selling point. Because it is a product that users must obtain a prescription from a trained medical professional. and has experience in using CBD for relief and treatment. as an alternative to treatment in conjunction with the treatment of modern medicine It consists of Full spectrum CBD oil, Sleeping soothing, Pain – inflammation cream and post covid personalized vitamin. Overall, about 10 more types that will be gradually released into the market. After being approved by the FDA which is in the process In the second phase, we will build a Thai traditional medicine center. that treats diseases with drug formulas containing CBD for specific treatments interested

However, we view that the growth rate of the business Probably around 15-20% per year from now on. which we have started investing more than 100 million baht

The CBD market is considered to have a very good growth rate, but has come to a halt due to the coronavirus situation. But at the moment, the epidemic situation is improving. Therefore, it is a good opportunity for the CBD market to be driven again. THC under THG group with more than 40 years of medical experience is considered as another new player in this market. which is fully equipped in the CBD business from upstream to downstream Including its use in the medical field, it is considered to be another exciting step under the Thonburi group in the future.



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