THG joins forces with KBTG and JOY to launch a COVID-19 free shuttle bus

THG joins forces with KBTG and JOY to launch a COVID-19 free shuttle bus

Date 27 Oct 2021 time 21:41

THG joins forces with KBTG and JOY to launch THG HyCar, a COVID-19 free shuttle bus Ready to open for service at the beginning of November, 1964 to receive the opportunity to open the country

Dr. Thanathip Supapradit, Chief Executive Officer of Thonburi Healthcare Group Public Company Limited (THG), revealed that the purpose of creating THG HyCar is because it sees social problems that arise during the Covid-19 period, which is Anxiety of people using public transport that are still at risk of spreading the disease. which may occur during travel Therefore, it combines the expertise of 3 partners, namely THG’s healthcare – KBTG’s innovation and technology – JOY’s service, and is merged into the THG HyCar service, a COVID-19 free shuttle service. that controls the cleanliness of the inside of the car in accordance with sanitary safety standards Connecting to the use of services through technology Help increase confidence, safety, and worry about those who want to travel.

“THG Hycar is expected to be a part of creating a new normal of travel in line with the opportunity that the government prepares to open the country. It was born from the intention of 3 organizations to develop together to create new options that help reduce social concerns. Fulfilling good hygiene safety standards with technology as a link Which is ready to open for service from November 64 onwards, the first phase will start service in the area. Bangkok and surrounding areas for travelers to use the service of medical examination at the network 4 Thonburi Healthcare Hospitals, namely Thonburi Hospital, Thonburi 2 Hospital, Thonburi Bamrungmuang Hospital and Thonburi Burana Hospital. before preparing to expand Point to Point services throughout Bangkok, including expanding services to provinces in the future”

Dr. Charoenchai Bowonthamrat, Senior Principal Visionary Architect, Kasikorn Business-Technology Group or KBTG, said that nowadays technology is an inevitable intermediary connecting business and life. Make the shuttle service platform a part of the daily life of the new generation. But the spread of COVID-19 has resulted in concerns about the risk of epidemic spread during travel It is therefore the origin of this cooperation. because it can come in to answer the questions and unlock the concerns of travelers By bringing together THG’s professionalism in healthcare, KBTG with expertise in innovation and technology will complement the platform as a channel for people to register for reservations. Using the THG HyCar service through the LINE application (LINE) @THGinfo, the registrant simply fills in the destination. Select the desired vehicle type, schedule and pay. will receive a car reservation via the LINE application Then wait for the car to pick up at the appointed time.

The goals that KBTG sees from this cooperation is to develop a platform that focuses on design with user convenience in mind. to make it easier to make an appointment Pay and keep communicating It adds a new way to travel for Thai people. corresponding to the opportunity to open the country as well as helping people to be confident in returning to their normal life again

Mr. Sakchai Chanvanichayachai, Advisory Board and Chief Operation Officer of JOY, a premium limousine service provider, said that THG HyCar is one of the latest segments of shuttle services that occur during the COVID-19 pandemic. -19 which combines hygienic safety standards with professional service standards, with the help of THG Group. There are 2 types of cars that are serviced, which are 1. EV Car (Nissan Leaf) and 2. Premium grade car (Toyota Camry), all of which will control quality standards under SHA or Health Travel Safety Standards. hygiene

Inside the cabin is equipped with air purifiers, shields are separated from the passenger compartment and the driver’s cabin and cleaned every time before – after use. While all drivers are experienced limousine transfers. Passed a criminal record certificate. Get vaccinated for COVID-19 including having a health check every time before serving Those interested in using the service can call the service via LINE @THGinfo. By booking 3 hours in advance, the fee starts at 70 baht, which is similar to the premium and luxury shuttle service providers. Ready to open for service from the month of Nov. 64 onwards.


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