Thieves leave, a torch visiting the moving truck

Jennifer Lundgren and her husband Dave left only 8 hours on their journey from Maryland to Las Vegas, so they stopped at the La Quinta Inn on the Iliff Road.

"The parking lot was well spelled, security guards, security cameras. Looking back, I think 20/20 was looking back," said Jennifer.

The couple received a call from the New Mexico State Police who said their truck was found 15 miles away, near Route 66 Casino.

The truck was torched and the Jeep they were pulling was missing.

Their animals were also gone.

"Everything, everything we have, I have one pair of shoes now, Dave had one pair of shoes, everything, everything we had, paper documents, birth certificates, Christmas ornaments pictures, everything was in that truck." "said Jennifer.

While most items can be replaced, Jennifer said they had some incredible items in the truck.

"My grandparents and I raised Dave and I and my grandmother's ashes were in that truck," said Jennifer.

They were able to find their dogs and one of their cats. The other two cats are microchipped and are still looking for them.

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