Think carefully! Former Liverpool spearhead warns Liverpool fans they could lose Klopp to Chelsea.

Klopp The German has been heavily targeted by Liverpool fans for his miserable season in charge of the team, having already been kicked out of two cup competitions by the club. along with the risk of not playing Champions League football Next season is different.

to such work As a result, Liverpool fans cannot resist the point of the campaign. “Klopp is leaving” is trending on Twitter Until last time Collimore had to come out to block Anfield fans, ready to lose the head coach to Chelsea and other teams in Europe or not if, in the end, he club owner Fenway Spurs Group (FSG) sacked the head of the Deutsche .

“The fact is, if FSG sack Klopp nobody else can do a better job than him,” Collimore said on February 7.

“So whoever is calling for him to leave should be careful because I’m sure as soon as he’s out of a job Real Madrid, Bayern, PSG and even Chelsea will join.”

“I don’t think Jurgen Klopp deserves to be sacked, I know they’ve had a bad season. But we have to look back more than six months.”

“Remember what Liverpool was like when he came in? They really suck! They have a below average squad. And attracting Klopp’s best players cannot change everything. And lead the team to win the championship in style.

“The problem now is that they are fighting financially against teams like Man City and Chelsea, who are very rich. Of course FSG are not poor, but they are not at the same level as City Group and Tottenham.” Odd Boleigh “

“I agree that Klopp’s signing of players doesn’t work, like bringing in Kodi Kakpo from PSV and playing him in midfield. All managers can make mistakes. But the world change he showed with Mo Salah, Sadio Mane, Virgil van Dijk and Andy Robertson came out of his vision.

“The club’s current situation is to bring in new players. And it doesn’t happen in one market. “

“Fans will forget when Pep Guardiola came to City, he changed the entire defense overnight. Now you can imagine Klopp doing that if he was paid the same.

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