Think of LDS Millionaire billboards? This happened at the event

Think of LDS Millionaire billboards? This happened at the event

SALT LAKE CITY – About a month ago, 10 billboards went up to I-15 that brought attention (and disbelief) innocent commuters caring for their own business.

“LDS Millionaire is looking for his wife. Exclusive VIP event June 7, ”reads the billboards.

The people who expect Saint's millionaire the latest day to marry could visit and apply for the opportunity to do so. It happened that 2,500 women were trying that opportunity, most of them from Utah.

Of these 2,500 women, matching makers from LCD Matchmakers sent 200 interviews via video conferencing. The 2,500 pool was abolished early based on the millionaire's options to 50 women, then to the end 20. The initial request asked questions like “What is your body type?” And “The worthy temple holder” you currently? ”

Twenty women from 2,500 were selected from the VDS Millionaire LDS event on Friday, 7 June, 2019. (Photo: Courtesy of LDS Matchmakers)

“(The finalists) were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Saint Immaculate, they were beautiful, spoken. … Most had college education and seven had graduate degrees, ”reads news from the matching agency. “While there were many finalists from Utah, there were also women from New York City, Louisiana and Idaho.” T

On Friday, these 20 women met her husband in the future: a “tall, dark and handsome man” who is “between 31 and 45 years old” and “6 feet, 1 inch high.” T

The women were asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement, and no press was allowed at the event, so the mysterious millionaire remains a mystery. However, the agency matched video clips from the event as well as interviews with some of the women who wanted the man's attention.

Here's how all this went down, according to cryptic news release of the agency and video:

The 20 “competitors” in a limo came in a secret location, and the crowds were leaving to walk a red carpet, creating the little crowd and taking a few glam screens.

Women walked the red carpet on their VIP Millionaire LDS event on Friday, 7 June, 2019. (Photo: Courtesy of LDS Matchmakers)

They were then taken into a room where they took seats at the round tables arranged for dinner and they were given a “welcome gift:“ Kate Spade's necklace in a “classroom box with an LED light burning on the heartcock when it was opened.” T

Kate Spade necklaces were given as a “reception gift” from the LDS millionaire during the VIP event on Friday 7 June, 2019. (Photo courtesy of LDS Matchmakers)

A man departing from the event asked the ladies to “put (the necklace) away now” and a woman from the women's matching agency influenced “the exposures,” and shared the family and the family. friends “positive stories” about the bachelor's bachelor.

Before seeing the woman's millionaire, however, he stood behind a sheet which was clamped with some poles with a shining light backwards, so that the women could see their silhouette. The women wanted to encourage their activities when the emcee read some of her hobbies: being a Little League referee, watching Bad Breaking, eating ice cream and drinking Diet Coke.

The millionaire behind a sheet was clamped with some poles with a light burning behind, so the women could see their silhouette. (Photo: Courtesy of LDS Matchmakers)

Finally, the sheet fell, “and (as it was) the women got the first glimpse of their secret men, they seemed to get relief that the tall, dark, handsome man was promised to them,” the news t reads release.

Unfortunately, for anyone who wanted to find the identity of the secret millionaire, the leaflet drop as part of the video was not released to the media. According to the news release, however, “he continued to entertain (the women) with his PowerPoint of the top 10 reasons he decided to make this occasion to find his wife.” T

These reasons were not disclosed.

The agency did Exposure to the interviewers said, “These women were so playful and true – most of them.” t

The women shared the reason why they applied for the event, and the reasons for finding a life partner to share their achievements were a "joke." One woman said she was not “trying to tell my children that I met their father on Mutual or Tinder.” T

One of the women told interviewers that she applied for the occasion because she didn't want her children to tell that she met with their father on Tinder or Mutual. (Photo: Courtesy of LDS Matchmakers)

After a PowerPoint presentation, the bachelor rotated from the table to the table getting to know the women during dinner, then each woman had a quick five minute date with the millionaire.

The night ended with a "hug and race" given to every woman from the bachelor degree and they returned to the limo to be "escorted back." that they be invited to put “one-off dates” on “millionaire” in the coming days.

The women were brought into a secret LIP VIP event on Friday, 7 June, 2019. (Photo: Courtesy of LDS Matchmakers)

“He chose a number of women for one-off dates on Saturdays and Sundays and said that the quality of the women added to it,” says the newsletter. “We hope that good things will come to him and we wish him and the women who are present well.”

The matching agency is currently “taking up” its next two events for a “wonderful bacheretret, beautiful, female looking for love!” He still has to decide whether she is a millionaire too.

The Beehive uploaded the full video provided by the agency to Vimeo.

The LDS Millionaire from The Beehive on Vimeo.

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