Thinkware launches ultra-high definition mobility stage ‘I-Navi Sports MC10’

Thinkware Co, Ltd (CEO Heung-Bok Lee) announced on the 3rd (Thursday) that it would be releasing a very high definition mobility stage ‘I-Navi Sports MC10’.

‘I-Navi Sports MC10’, released by Thinkware this time, is a product that supports stable shooting based on high quality in ultra-small and compact size. ‘I-Navi Sports MC10’ records realistic and clear images at any time based on UHD 4K resolution. In particular, it reduces blind spots by ensuring a wide viewing angle of 154 degrees, and customers can shoot images smoothly even when there is a lot of movement through the 6-axis electronic image stabilization sensor (Advanced EIS).

‘I-Navi Sports MC10’ is a product optimized for mobility stage features used in an outdoor environment. Considering various usage environments, Thinkwear provides a clip case that can be attached to clothes or bags, a frame case that can be attached to the surface of a bicycle helmet, and a waterproof case that can be used for water recreational activities as usual. In addition, a protection cable is also included, so customers can use the product without worrying about the weather and underwater conditions as it applies a waterproof and dustproof IP 65 rating even during wired charging.

The ‘I-Navi Sports MC10’ also stands out for its user-friendly design. The first KC certified 1100mAh battery is built in, so you can record for up to 180 minutes. If you connect the auxiliary battery via a USB-C type cable, you can operate the regular recording mode for a while longer time. In addition, ‘i-Navi Sports MC 10’ is a V2D (Vehicle to Device) mode and starts recording and charging at the same time while the mobility is installed without additional charging. In addition, customers can check the recording status in real time through the dedicated APP I-Navi Mobility Cam, and the results can be checked immediately on the 1.28-inch LCD screen. In addition, the ‘I-Navi Sports MC10’ includes a loop recording system that does not require formatting, so when the memory card storage space is insufficient, the old videos are deleted in succession and new videos are added. keep

Nam-Kyung Lee, Head of Thinkwear Marketing Division, said, “I-Nabi Sports MC10 is an ultra-compact, lightweight, ultra-high-definition mobility cam optimized for outdoor environments with an electronic shake correction sensor and anti -water. and dustproof function.” As a high mobility stage, we ask for the interest of many customers.”

On the other hand, the price of ‘Inavi Sports MC10’ is 219,000 won, and Thinkware will hold an event to present INAVI 32G memory card to customers who have purchased ‘I-Navi Sports MC10’ until November 20 (Sunday). More information on product promotions and events is available on the iNavi website.

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