Third grading Milpitas dies from rare cold conditions - Story

Third grading Milpitas dies from rare cold conditions - Story

– Milpitas boy's parents, aged 9 years, say that the doctors indicated that they were likely to have received a common virus with cold-cold symptoms, giving warnings to other parents to be aware that even illnesses can be much more serious.

Tristan Ang died on 28 June, a week after he had struck fever and complained of sparkling headaches, fatigue and nausea.

Meningitis tests did not.

"We're just thinking (it was) too tired, somewhat dehydrated," said his father Mark Ang. "We would give him Tylenol and Motrin. He would go out but not completely, and he would be back."

When the boy became confused and discouraged, his parents chased him to the emergency room. Several hours later, he died from a brain atmosphere caused by adenovirus, a virus with symptoms like cold, his parents said. Doctors rarely claimed it. His parents, both nurses, are under pressure.

"It was very unexpected. (It was) very healthy and suddenly, it's gone," said his mother Belle Ang.

The boy, who was just a few months earlier, had completed the third grade at Marshall Pomeroy Basic School, was a black zone in Teakwondo and won numerous medals in martial art.

His parents said Tristan was an "exceptional" child who had never experienced any problems

"He did not give us any headache to grow up and that's why we are so heartbroken," said his mother.

For Mark and Belle Ang, they hope that their son's story will help other parents become more alert and knowledgeable and know that the smallest symptoms can progress.

"It could happen to any kid," said Ang Ang. "Even the most healthy baby could die or get the virus quickly."

The boy's father said: "I think God needs a hero, it's so hard."

Tristan Ang toured many lives in his short life and packed those who loved him to a church for his funeral service on Tuesday.

GoFundMe was set up for the family to help pay costs.


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