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doctor warns about touching Third-hand smoke, tracking consumer goods, which seriously affects health causing psoriasis dermatitis More markers of DNA damage found in urine

On November 30, 2022, Assistant Professor Dr Wit Kasemsub, Director of the Research and Information Management Center for Tobacco Control (TRC), said that third-hand smoke, although no smoke was seen, is still dangerous Smoke from smoking that sticks to items such as carpets, curtains, sofas. Exposure to third hand smoke is associated with the formation and breakdown of chemicals that are harmful to health. cause significant cancer

Last October. A research report by the Department of Cell and Molecular Biology in conjunction with the Center for the Study and Research of Tobacco Control and the Department of Statistics of the University of California, USA, on the adverse health effects of exposure to third-hand smoke through the skin. The study involved 10 healthy, non-smoking volunteers.

The research found that the group exposed to third-hand smoke has a significant increase in the substance Hydroxy-2′-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG), a marker of DNA damage in the subjects’ urine. Skin exposure to third-hand smoke for 3 hours is associated with the activity of inflammatory response proteins. increased adhesion of blood cells hardening of the arteries and chronic inflammation of the skin, lichen planus

By following up 22 hours after exposure to third hand smoke. The organs were found to be inflamed. There is a buildup of keratin protein in the epidermis giving it a thicker appearance. A significant number of cases of plaque psoriasis and lichen planus dermatitis.

“Exposure to third hand smoke affects health. causing changes in the function of proteins in human plasma Stimulating the mechanism of inflammatory skin disease. and increase the amount of urinary biomarkers of oxidation. It is similar to the dangers caused by smoking, therefore, the best way to avoid the dangers of third hand smoke is that smokers should stop smoking. And creates a smoke-free environment from all types of cigarette smoke,” said Asst. Professor Dr. Vich.

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