Third-party manufacturers launch joystick parts claiming to permanently solve the “drifting” problem of Switch handles- Hong Kong

The Switch controller has always had the problem of “drifting”, which occurs after a period of use, which is quite annoying. Recently, a third party manufacturer has released parts for this problem, claiming that it can fix the problem permanently.

According to reports, a manufacturer called Grain has launched a Switch rocker part. Although this part itself needs to be replaced, the manufacturer said that it adopts the Hall electromagnetic design, which will not cause drift problems due to wear, so it It can be “once and for all” Solve the problem, and the power consumption is less than half of the original joystick, which can theoretically extend the life of the battery. Of course, disassembling the Switch handle yourself will invalidate the maintenance, and it’s also your responsibility if you break it, so think twice before trying.

Hall’s electromagnetic design joystick is the same as the technology used by Sega on the Saturn and Dreamcast consoles. It does not use the popular potentiometer but the Hall effect sensor for control, which can avoid the potentiometer’s abrasion. At present, this part has been sold in some online stores, and interested friends can pay attention to it.

Source: GiliKit

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