Third person arrested in Rhode Island for theft of police police officers

A third person in Rhode Island was arrested over the weekend in relation to the gun of a police officer from Boston to park his car last week at a hotel in Pawtucket, R., said authorities.

Kyle Benford, 24, of Providence, sat on Saturday's warranty issued by Pawtucket police on firearms and conspiracy charges, said Providence Police, Hugh Clements.

Benford, a police officer, was arrested at about 9:45 p.m. adjacent to housing development at Hartford Avenue in Providence, Major David Lapatin said.

"We were looking for him and they saw him on a video," Lapatin said on the telephone on Sunday night. "As soon as he left, the police got him."

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It is hoped that Benford will be on Monday in Providence District Court, Clements said.

Clements added more traffic to the Pawtucket authorities.

The Pawtucket police could not be found immediately for Sunday traffic traffic.

Benford was arrested a week after his wife, Neish Rivera, 25, of Pawtucket, and Melissa Dacier, 22, of Providence, were arrested and charged to steal the gun, Glock 22, said authorities.

Rivera and Dacier came along with a unidentified, unidentified, police officer for a club and a strip bar on the weekend in February 2. The three came back to the official room at Hampton Inn in Pawtucket, where "hanging them" for a couple of hours, according to a Pawtucket police report.

The officer took the keys to his car to Rivera, who said a mobile phone charger was needed. She came back to the room, but later left, saying she wanted to find a Dacier, who left a hotel room to make a phone call, the report said.

The Boston official eventually went to find Rivera. He went to his car, where he got the gun missing from his glove box. He reported the gun stolen by police Pawtucket about 2:30 a.m. Saturday, February 2. The gun of the Boston Police Department.

The official, whose name and rank, was not disclosed on paid leave, until the department had investigated the matter last week.

The Boston police spokesman said Sunday said Sunday had no comment on Benford's arrest because of the ongoing investigation.

Melissa Dacier (left) and Neish Rivera have already been arrested in connection with the situation.

Pawtucket (R.I.) Department of Police / The Providence Journal

Melissa Dacier (left) and Neish Rivera have already been arrested in connection with the situation.

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