This Doctor's Rivers say that the Championship of the 2008 Championships & Boston Celtics

BOSTON – In the world that won tons of championship since the beginning of the century, Boston Celtics probably seems to have made a banner in 2008.

The current Celtics are searching for the same decision that Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen were able to generate in the 66-16 season that the Canaries moved towards the NBA Calendars, and eventually they were at Los Angeles Lakers in six games.

The history of this historic Celtics team, Doc Rivers, was back in Boston as his current squad, Los Angeles Clippers, takes on the C on Saturday night at TD Garden.

The River spoke to the squad and those Celtics and how they could put it together.

"Everyone, if you think, sacrifice all of his shots from the previous year," said Rivers of three major Celtics. "You can only get something when you want to win something. You need to give something. Then, the sacrifice you join together."

And out of the three amazing Celtics, Rivers said that one more player gave up clearly.

"Most of Ray has been successful," Rivers said. "One of the top three players is the person who gets fewer shots. You do not know who it will be … You just need to try to keep them as happy as possible."

Photo shortlist through Jasen Vinlove / SAM Sports Images TODAY


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